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In and out for us. We fight very hard for our marriage and our relationship, yet sometimes there are some valleys we get stuck in. Right now we're in one of those "OMG how could I ever live without you" phases because he is deployed. Issues become so small when faced with danger and it really helped us put things into perspective. Plus we have spent the last ten weeks communicating via email which is good for us because we're both hot headed and it allows us to...
Well DH and I are big TV heads but we limit the time the kids get to watch. Recently though they've been watching a bit more. Why? Because my husband is deployed and I am 500 miles from any help. So while the baby has his afternoon nap the kids watch "Hamtaro" and I can get online, read a magazine, wash, fold AND put away a load of laundry, ect. I don't have guilt over it though because I have to do what works right now and if that means they sit and watch an hour...
Honestly, I knew very little except that my mom bf all three of us and that breast was best. That and I had watched my sister go through a difficult start (and early end) to bfing and what a PITA bottles were. Once I started reading and realized all the added benefits I knew that was the only way my babes would eat.
The only non-family person my older two have stayed with was a good friend/co-worker of mine. We worked in a preschool so I knew how wonderful she is with kids beforehand. If I did not know beforehand how she was with kids or had ANY apprehension I would not have let them with her. She watched them a few afternoons when I was pg with my third and came to the house when I was in labor and stayed until DH got home from the hospital. The only overnights are with...
"You may not" or "We don't" is a big one in our house, with NO being saved for safety.
I too cannot stand the "good baby" lines. Once in a store my older two were acting up and the baby was sleeping and the checker says "Oh atleast you got one good one!" I audibly gasped and said "Actually those two are the good ones, this one SUCKS", grabbed my bag and walked out. Needless to say I have not returned to that store. All babies are good babies, IMO.
Quote: Originally posted by ekblad7 No, it wouldn't be OK with me. I think that his heart will still beat and his lungs will still work if he does not have porn. He doesn't want me to shop all the time so I respect that and don't do it. Since when is it OK to lie and sneak just because you want something? We made marriage vows and he allows his lust to override those vows. That is NOT OK. I agree that he will not keel over, I was just quoting...
~If he absolutely must have porn then he needs to tell me that~ If he were to say that, what would your response be? Would it be okay then because he was honest with you and wouldn't be sneaking?
Hi! We've moved and I wanted to update my contact email in my user cp but wasn't sure if that would affect my ability to log in? Does anyone know? Also, we're still choosing an ISP so my primary email is Yahoo right now, is that okay? TIA!
Well, I do follow the "two finger" snugness rule, but even with two fingers it's pretty snug. If DH used his two fingers it'd be a little looser. There is a wide range of interpretation to the two finger rule I suppose but if your friend is not using her seat properly that is dangerous. Maybe you can ask her to go with you to a seat inspection point (if there is one near you) because 'you' want to get your seat checked and then she can have hers done while you're there.
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