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We got the synagis shots for my 29weeker.  I think there are two issues to think about 1) lungs, even preemies with good lungs are weaker than full term babies; 2) immune system, as it was explained to me, all preemies have weakened immune systems.  In addition to doing the shots, we also kept our daughter in very strict quarantine until that first RSV season was over-and we didn't have other children, so that made it easier.  We all stayed incredibly healthy that...
I agree with what everything Meepy Cat said.  My daughter was also a 29weeker, and was very small.  I found that my baby acted like her adjusted age, so when she was 4months she still acted like a not even 2month baby in terms of her eating and sleeping.  I it was so incredibly tiring!  We just fed her on demand and eventually she did start eating more and sleeping for longer stretches.
Thanks for coming back here to share your story Morel-I have been worrying about you, although I was hoping everything had just magically resolved.  It's hard to have pre-e, hard to birth on mag, and even harder when you really didn't want a medical birth.  It sounds like you and your girl are doing well, all things considered, and I'm glad to hear it!
Any updates?  Thinking of you!
Oh morel, that sucks!  Did they redo your labs and are they doing at 24hr urine?  Are you back at home?  I hope things calm down, but please keep a really close eye on your symptoms.
Have you called in about the high diastolic numbers and the heartburn?  I would definitely call your mw and ob and give them a heads up.  I know heartburn can be a totally normal pregnancy symptom, but when I had severe pre-e, I also had the worst heartburn of my life-you probably know this, but epigastic pain can present weirdly including as hearburn pain-in my case it may have been related to my high liver enzymes.  I wish I had advice, but the only thing I can say...
And congratulations!
Have you looked on the Donor Sibling Registry?  You can look for free to see if there are any other kids listed from that donor-it's the biggest registry I know of.
I think baby-friendly NICUs tend to do this as a way to get parents more involved in a baby's cares and promote bonding.  My NICU also had us hold the tube for NG feedings.  The older nurses said they used to just tape the tube to a higher place in the isolette and just let gravity do its work.  Now they are required to hold the babies during any kind of feeding, and encouraged to encourage the parents to do so when they are available.   It definitely feels awkward...
How's it going Cali?  Thinking of you and hoping everything is going as good as it possibly could.
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