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I'd probably use goldenseal on it, all you need is a capsule or two, that'll last you the whole time. Pull the folds back, pour a little in there, really get it in there where its oozy and detaching. Goldenseal will help dry it out and has antibacterial properties. One of my babies cords was oozy and a little bloody too, if that makes you feel better. The goldenseal worked great.
I don't b/c with my last two labors they never increased in length or became closer together. All over the map. And then I hit transition! I know by feel not by time.
Eeks. Brings back memories of my own prodromal labors. Lifting you up in prayer, I know how physically and emotionally draining that gets. And boy inconvenient! Make sure you're drinking lots and lots and lots. It is so easy to get dehydrated and not realize it.
Bath is nice for a sore bottom and soaking those tissues. And you can bring baby in with you if you want. I resisted at first, it is more work but I so looked forward to them after I did them!
I made my own with loose herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs--I did uva ursi, comfrey, shepherds purse, lavender and myrrh? i think. some people throw in garlic and sea salt. have also heard rosemary. you can get some pantyhose, put your mixture in it to make a tea bag. you can throw it straight in the bath and let it "steep" or i boiled mine in a pot on the stove for a bit and then added the "tea" to my bath. it was wonderful!
We cut it about 4 hours after ds was born. His cord didn't stop pulsating forever! Finally it did, and we cut it w/o a tie or clamp. It bled a lot! Kept coming. So then there's us, trying to tie off this tiny little stump with embroidery floss. It is funny looking back but I was a little concerned at the time. Just wasn't expecting that! I suspected this wasn't the norm, like I said his cord pulsated strong for hours.
Quote: In my humble opinion, this is your child we're talking about (and mine). There is no way I'd take the chance of relying strictly on intuition, as strong as I feel mine is. It's the life of our children that we're talking about (written in a friendly tone!) I am feeling a bit accused of being irresponsible with my childs life. 5 babies later a Doppler has never proved to be useful for my situations. I am sure it would in some situations. ...
I didn't have a Doppler and won't in the future. I wouldn't know what to do with one, how to read heartrate signs, etc. When things like that get introduced (doppler, U/S, and for me, midwives) my faith in myself and my body lessens and I begin to put more trust in others and other things. This is why I chose UC in the first place, b/c those things caused me to doubt my body and my own intuition/insight. Took me a few births to realize it fully. My UC allowed me to...
yes, it did my baby! it is loud!
Yep, my fourth baby was born with his hand on his face. I could tell when I was pushing him out that something was a little different, ouch! ha But all in all I don't believe it slowed my labor (same average length as my others) and I didn't tear. I think these things matter less when you are home and moving as you need to. No worries.
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