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*hugs*   I've been there.  DD was like that from around 3 - 7 months.  I was sooooo frustrated.  But i would get 25 - 30 minutes.  And, so, we would do like 5 mini naps a day.  She just couldn't stay asleep through that little arousal period/over the hump.  No matter if she was on me, next to me, in the bouncer, in a swing, with a pacifier, etc.    Sometimes, and I'd say maybe 15% of the time, if i put her in the bouncer to sleep, and then started to bounce it...
Both had deep dark black pools for the first several months.  They lightened to a medium brownish by about a year.  We weren't expecting any other color though, both have brown eyes, from long lineages of brown brown brown eyes.  :)
I have insurance, Kaiser.  DS was at a freestanding birth center with midwives.  I paid $10 at the first pre-natal visit and that was it.  DD was at a hospital.  I paid the $10, then was surprised with a bill for 10% of the hospital bill, which came out to $400 or something.  For whatever reason, I guess I thought it was going to be just the $10 like at the birth center.    
We use the Klaire labs ther-biotic infant probiotic.
Agree with RSummer!  We have a townhome and I feel like it's too much.  Honestly, we let it anything unnecessary slide.  Even so, something is always being done.   I will not own a single family home, simply for the sheer amount of work. 
I'm so sorry, mama.  Thinking of you and your sweet girl.  
That is me snorting my coffee and doing more of a commiseration cry and laugh at once.   I am feeling a lot like LittleGriff.  I have a lot of panic-like moments, where I wonder how in the world anyone does this.    For work, to handle the negative emotions, i try to take my time in the morning once out the door to relax (because generally I feel like it's been a whole darn day getting the kids out the door already), driving in, I drink my coffee or tea in the car and...
Thank you everyone, awesome ideas!!!   :D
Just a bump for new posts.  :)
Having a hard time...  DD is having her first birthday and I thought i would try.  I really don't even know where to look for this.  if there is a website that can search for those allergens, that's also great.  I haven't had to put much thought into this yet, as just been feeding single ingredients or dinner-like recipes.   Thank you!   Edit - and also no nut flours, we haven't introduced them yet.
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