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Keep em' comin!!! our tummies are singing!!!
thanks for all the responses! Iam not real sure why people think it was written by aliens as it definitly was not! it has absolutley NOTHING to do with extra terrestials, but that is not the first time i have heard this! I am thinking it comes from all the cosmology of the universe that is included, but i dunno! This book comes from the standpoint that it is an epochal revelation for the next millenia it was published in 1950 it is truly divinley written. And even if...
I am feeling like such a burnout lately when it comes to dinner! my family loves soups, stews and curries but we are sick of my same old recipies! I need a new cookbook but for now i'd love some recipies from other vegetarian mamas for a new array of choices!!!
Anyone out there familiar with this book. I was raised on the spiritual principles of this book and after a long and evergrowing spiritual thrist for truth Iam just now starting to explore this book for myself with amazement! I just thought it would be intresting to see if any one has heard of it or have had any experience with it?
I know this is probably stating the obvious but I just have to say i love joni mitchell! Hearing her sweet soprano voice always lifts me to that next level! I have such golden memories of my mother listening to her when i was little. and now whenever I am stressed, or cleaning, or just relaxing I find myself reaching for her soul searching songs! Lately my favorite has been hejira, I love the traveling songs in this album it puts me back to when i was 18 and traveling...
I love Morgan heritage because the sing a lot about family and Jah as a universal father.Very rootsy... Also Luciano who is so beautiful and positive he is known as the musical messenger of jah. I tend to really enjoy haramony reggae when two or more members harmonize and there is a lot of drums and very rootsy(as opposed to dubbed out) examples of this would be the Congos and my one of my favs The abbyssinians. my husband really enjoys dub in most opinions the best...
We are trying to concieve baby #2 our dd is 2 1/2 years old, I just wanted to hear some thoughts from mama's with two kids regarding how this new dynamic affected their families. Did age differences seem to make things hard/ eaisier? How did child # 1 accept new baby etc.
I just wanted to Post regarding my love for reggae! Reggae music touches the very depths of my soul! When I listen to Bob Marley's powerful voice singing praises of unity and Brotherhood it truly connects me with a deep sense of god conciousness. Like bob says " one good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain" Reggae music is so spiritually uplifting for me that it can transcend the wearyiness of dealing with lifes unjustices! I just thought It would be...
I gotta add joni mitchell's woodstock "we 've got to get ourselves back to the garden."
For all those who didnt get a chance to catch this one yet do yourself a favor and go see it! Matt and I laughed so hard we were crying!
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