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aw thanks.  im sorry i deleted... i was so excited and proud of him and me and i guess its not that exciting.  thank you.
i dont say any of those, we just call them shoes.  other footwear gets named... rainboots, flip flops, clogs, dress shoes.  but if im looking for my pumas i say,  where are my shoes?
i hope that nothing bad happens to her or the baby.  idk about their politics or religion or whatever but as fellow human beings i wish them the best. 
yes, a white sauce (bechamel) with mushroom is the same thing right?
trader joes is a grocery store... it is a store that sells groceries.    we eat a lot of food from our own restaurant, which we shop for in enormous bulk at restaurant supply stores and the farmers market and costco.  the markup at the regular stores is incredible and i have trouble paying for things at grocery store cost.  2-3 dollars for a head of lettuce?!!    i go to the regular grocery (safeway or trader joes) for ice cream.  it would turn my world upside...
    i  didnt taste kool aid until i was in high school.  my friends made fun of me!
mine are 3 years 3 months apart.  the first weaned and potty trained a few months before his brother was born... i have friends with more closely spaced kids and i dont know how they do it with two in diapers!  my kids love each other, but i dont know how much of that is spacing or just personalities that click.  at just over three he was big enough to help out with the baby (getting diapers, picking outfits, etc) and was really excited to be a big brother.  im glad we...
i didnt realize that they still made those!  i honestly thought that was a thing from my childhood that didnt exist anymore... i guess i dont walk down that aisle at the grocery store.  anyways, i vote straight up candy.  ive tried the fruit leather at trader joes, its pretty good but my kids have terrible teeth and we cant buy sticky stuff like that.
New Posts  All Forums: