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i wish i had a neice or nephew.  im and only child, and i have one brother in law who will never have children.  it makes me kind of sad that my kids will never have first cousins.   all of my aunts and uncles on my moms side (all five of them) loved me like i was their own.  i have one first cousin, who i love like a brother... if he ever has kids i can call them my neices and nephews.
my second boy's middle name is raymond.  i think it is a fantastic name, we were this close to using it as a first.    also, cassius and silas are also fine names, not weird at all and very good IMO.  we know kids with weird names, those are not even on the edge of the realm of weird.   my kids have unusual names.  the first boy's name has never been in the top 1000 in the US, and the second boy's name was 9hundred and somethingth in the late 1800s.  they both have...
oh, and i hate zelandoni even more now.  bossy old bossypants
ok, i finished.  weirdly paced... the last third was the most interesting part, the beginning did drag a bit.  just when it started to get rolling it was over.  [[SPOILER]] ok, now im off to read game of thrones.   
my kids like iced herbal tea.  especially a certain berry flavored one that they happily drink unsweetened.     
i dont know what a mattress connector is.  i tuck a single bed flat sheet tightly around the crib mattress and spread out the excess underneath the big mattress.  then the fitted goes on the big mattress as usual, and the wieght of that big mattress holds the single bed sheet in place.  it has never come loose and we have been doing this for five years, two kids.  really though, somebody should be making giant L shaped fitted sheets and selling  them on ebay.  if i sewed...
im about halfway through now and its starting to get more interesting.  im sure that i will enjoy it more on the reread, but so far so good.  i do like the cave descriptions.... but i also like the pages and pages of descriptions of flora that seem to bug other folks so much when reading these books.  jondalar doesnt even talk for the first chunk of chapters, does he?  anyways, my order of preferance is  valley of the horses, clan of the cave bear, mammoth hunters,...
oh yes i love coffee.  i try to keep it to two caffeinated drinks a day.  a good cup of coffee is one of the greatest simple pleasures in my life.  and i own a cafe, so i have to drink the product i sell... quality control :)  
i was starting to think that i was the only person in the world excited about this!  i should have known to come here!  im only on chapter five or so, because nobody will let me read during the day but i like it so far.  after shelters of stone, im not expecting an epic finale but i am really enjoying a new story after all this time.  i even liked shelters, its just not comparable to say, the valley of the horses.. which blew my mind and has been re read more times than...
the grass...  we use wide strips of green felt that i cut up and it looks better than the plastic stuff. and the cats dont eat it like the plastic stuff.  i do baskets of toys and spring/summer themed items with one chocolate bunny.          
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