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i had nitrous with my second, here in the US (california) at a hospital... i guess its not that common here? anyways, it did help quite a bit. with my first i had no gas, but i did have a shot of something in the middle (fentynl?) but it wore off fast and the hard part (transition etc) was all me. i didnt have an epi either time.
if it helps at all, i had pitocin with my second birth but not my first and i didnt find the pitocin contractions to be any more difficult. the second birth was way easier, actually, but that might have been because my first was posterior. anyways, i was scared of the pitocin but i didnt notice much of a difference. i was 5 cm and they just gave me a little bit and things started right up, so i guess i was just ready to go. apgars were 8 and 9 i think and he came out...
i played with my dollhouse until i was 12 or 13, FWIW.
two years and two months. i was breastfeeding.
we always have lumpia (and sometimes pancit) as well as the traditional thanksgiving foods.
yeah, i do mine in the crockpot over night, at least 12 hours usually more.
every day with dinner, and sometimes in a salad for lunch.
mine always gets me polyester shirts. i really like my MIL, but oh my gosh the shirts! ive got this big ass pile of them now.
Quote: Originally Posted by AbbieB A question for those who cook stuffing on the side. Do you add turkey drippings to the stuffing after it's been cooked? In my book that's half the yumminess right there. i make stock ahead of time, and then cook the "stuffing" with homemade stock. and i use the fat skimmed from the stock to brown the celery and onions. so it has all of the good flavor, plus the brown bits on top. we dont stuff it in the bird...
im always looking for more ideas. im nursing an enormous 7 week old baby and i am hungry all the time. yesterday we had: b- a big smoked salmon omelette, some sliced avocado and melon chunks l- big green salad with walnuts, hard boiled egg, more avocado, and dried cranberries s- banana, apple and almond butter d- chicken thighs with gravy, broccoli and baked potato with tons of butter, and a piece of dark chocolate for desert. today so far: b- chicken sausage and some...
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