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gosh i lived on this stuff while i was pregnant. i was not about to cook pudding, and the ingredients are decent... especially compared to Jello and stuff. plus its really good!
yes. first one was pretty bad, on zofran the whole time, went to ER for dehydration twice i think. this last pregnancy was much worse, i was on MORE zofran for the whole pregnancy and phenegrin(sp?) for the first 18ish weeks, went to the ER i think 5 times. not having any more kids.
go party like i used to when i was 19. but im 30 now with two little kids and im totally not going to do it.
my first hated the sling. HATED it. loved the wrap and when he was bigger loved the Ergo. this new baby goes right to sleep in the sling. it really depends on the kid i guess. i took baby #2 to a funeral in the sling at a couple weeks old and he slept for three hours. we are going to a football game today with a five week old... i wouldnt even attempt it if he didnt like the sling. im counting on him sleeping another three hours so i can watch the game.
mine sleeps for a few hours at a time swaddled. his big brother didnt nap alone until close to his first birthday... i am loving this sleepy baby!
my little guy got a cold from his big brother, and the ped told us the same thing... at the first sign of a fever bring him right in to the office, if its the middle of the night go to the ER. she said that fever in a baby under 6 weeks old needs to be watched carefully. hope your little one is feeling better soon.
i dont really care for it, but my inlaws eat them chopped up with milk and sugar (in a bowl like cereal), for desert.
i always dress up. i just turned 30, and ive never missed a year.
i still havent figured it out. hormonal birth control is not my friend so no pills etc. i am TERRIFIED of becoming pregnant again. i had hyperemesis both pregnancies and the second was way worse. i want to switch to a cheaper health insurance that has no maternity coverage... so if i did accidentally get pregnant i dont know if i would be able to get the Zofran that kept me out of the hospital. urgh. luckily i wasnt able to get pregnant until my first son was almost...
have you tried saline drops to loosen things up?
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