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carlson's has D drops for babies, too. i just bought a bottle for my baby and three year old.
id be pretty surprised considering that it took me over 2 years to get my fertility back last time... breastfeeding really seems to work well as birth control for me. but i think we had one in my last DDC.
thanks everybody! i know that i didnt have the most intervention free birth, but everything was my choice and the hospital staff was so cool. im really proud of myself for not losing it... that "omg i cant do this" moment that i think everyone has only lasted a few contractions and most of the time i was STRONG and my baby is too.
i havent been very active in this DDC due to hyperemesis kicking my butt, but ive been lurking all the while. we made september, our big baby boy was born on 9/30! we live 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hour from the hospital depending on traffic, plus i was GBS positive so we were a little worried about making it to the hospital on time for the antibiotics. i had three or so days of really uncomfortable braxton hicks, and imagine my surprise when i went in for my OB appointment...
congratulations! i love the name Avery for a boy!
im on my second zofran pregnancy and no constipation, but it does make me dizzy. i would not be able to eat or function without it, though.
i dont know, i dont think id do it. i made sure that i didnt have many responsibilities lined up during the first tri when we were ttc. im on my second HG pregnancy and this one was worse, i was pretty much out of commission from 6-18 weeks and had to go to the ER a few times... i dont think i would have wanted to deal with that in a foreign country. id do the club bathroom thing.
love solomon. i would use it but it sounds weird with our last name.
i remember being worried about this last time, but ended up being pretty obvious when the right time to go was. i think that we waited until i couldnt talk during the contractions... i remember my husband called the doula that we hired, and she asked to speak to me. the original plan was for her to come to our house first, but she talked to me for a few minutes... no questions, just hi how you doing kind of stuff, and then she told me to go to the hospital. she said...
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