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i cried because i went to the coffee shop and ordered a latte, and the coffee dude said, "you mean a decaf, right?" and pointed at my belly. i was like, "are you kidding, if i wanted a decaf i would have said a decaf." and then i got my drink, went outside, and had a cry. this weepy stuff sucks... so do people who tell me what to drink!
coffee was never even on my "no no" list. i havent taken any prenatals... they make me puke. eating runny eggs... im having trouble with my appetite, and eggs are a good cheap source of protien that i need. but if i have to eat another overcooked egg im going to loose it. soft boiled or over medium eggs only.
thanks everybody. i went and got a chicken salad and im feeling pretty okay now and not puking anymore. i wish i knew what my heartburn trigger was... i know that almost any liquid will set it off and i cant really avoid drinking liquids so i might just be screwed. i try to put snacks in my purse and always have safe foods around but this time i didnt.... you'd think id be better at preventing these hunger/nausea/emotional meltdowns 29 weeks into my second HG...
im having such a miserable freaking day. i keep on getting the spins when i get up and try to do anything. dh and i are starting a business, i was down there this morning trying to get some things done and had to walk around the block to pick up some papers. felt like i was going to pass out. made it back. dh is starving, wants to go get food. great, i havent been able to eat much all day and i think it might be causing the dizziness/exhaustion. forgot to mention...
my little boy has one, too. our ped said almost the same thing, minus the part about a congenital defect... she said that it was something that she might want to check out eventually if it does not resolve itself. she also said not to worry, that she knows that anything about the heart sounds scary but that it is very common to have a slight murmur at this age and that most kids outgrow them. turns out our boy is very slightly anemic, so that may be the cause in our...
eh... i was born at 37 weeks, two hours of labor. my son came on his due date, 11 hours of labor. my mom didnt get strechmarks, i got a ton. mom had an easy breezy pregnancy, i got hyperemesis twice. i wouldnt count on having similar pregnancies/births.
yes, i just barely caught up with what i lost in the first tri. happened last pregnancy, too. i havent had an appetite in months, im really struggling to make myself eat anything other than watermelon.
im not sure, and im starting to fret about this a bit. i do not want another baby... two hyperemesis pregnancies are enough for one lifetime thank you very much. i took birth control pills in my early 20s and they messed me up... ive never been depressed like i was when i was on those pills... it was scary. no way, never again. DH does not want to be snipped, and im going to respect that as its his body. "pull and pray" method resulted in my first son. with this...
not yet. i didnt get them until about 35 weeks last time, and then it looked like the wolverine clawed my belly. thankfully they faded to almost nothing within a year, so this time i wont freak thinking im going to have lightening shaped bright red scars for the rest of my days.
i got mine back a few months after my son's second birthday, and got pregnant four months later.
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