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Sounds horrible, horrible for her, horrible for you...but as this is a mothering board I will be blunt.  This is horrible for her kids, child protective services should be involved.  They are being physically abused as well as being abused by witnessing their mother being abused.   I hope you will call CPS and help those kids.   Sorry to be so blunt.   -Melanie
  So sorry for your loss. -Melanie
Welcome to MDC!   I am sorry that your kids are being made to feel uncomfortable over what is a sweet term of endearment.   Is it an issue with your mother or just your brother?  If you mom doesn't like it, then I would just help your children transition to the name she wants.   If it's just your brother's issue, than I would remind him that everyone has many names, he can call her Grandma, your kids can continue to call her Mimi.   In our family the...
  Dd said it made her feel all anxious inside to see MIL's actions, and dd said to her 'aren't we going to go?'   You poor dd!  I think that you need to protect her from her grandmother.  It was very brave of your dd to tell you about it, my concern would be if she would feel guilty that it was her fault if all contact was broken off.  Does your dd feel like she has a good relationship with her grandmother?  If so is there any way to facilitate their relationship...
Ds was pretty disappointed when we didn't name dd Wonderwoman OR  Hawkgirl!      
The OP did not call her MIL mental.  She has explained things here very clearly.  I personally think it is helpful to read up on personality disorders ( not "mental") when dealing with toxic people.  Some people are just not rational and need firm and clear boundaries.  So I applaud you OP for setting some boundaries. Cultivating compassion towards her is a great thing, but that doesn't mean she can treat you and your family poorly.    
  With all the stress you are under, your emotions/reactions are perfectly normal.     Is there a way you can move back to Florida to be by your support system?   You sound like you need help and I encourage you to go to your doctor and a counselor.     I hope that you find ways to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your dd.   -Melanie
Sigg bottles!
Have you thought about talking to her further about it?  Maybe write a letter?   I am sorry that you are going through this.  I hope you can come to some resolution with her, or within yourself.   -Melanie
Happens to me...currently I can't use my bank card..after a year of using it, have totally forgotten my pin.   I do have a vit B12 deficiency...so I blame it on that !!  
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