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I bypass the fundraisers and just give a check to the school. I don't want cookiedough/wrapping paper/magazines/chocolate only a small percentage of the profit goes to the school anyway. So by giving $50-$100 a year gives them way more cash than hitting up all my friends/family/neighbours. -Melanie
I sometimes tell my kids that if they feel the need to complain, please do it in their heads, because I am not interested in hearing it! This is of course after a talk where I listen to the complaint, empathize, see if we can find a solution/compromise. If they continue to complain I let them know I really am not interested in hearing so much negativity, it's not good for me, so please complain silently or take it to a different room than the one I'm in. -Melanie
I wish that I had had the courage to say no prior to having kids, to realize that my needs were important. It took having my children to realize that if I give everything over to others, there wasn't much left for my kids. Then it followed that in order to be happier as a person I needed to say no for myself! -Melanie
Hi, from another introvert! My only advice is to be mostly honest with people. Express a thanks for the invite and give your regrets that you do not have enough energy for that particular event/dinner/outing. I definitely need a few days to recover from events, so I now take that into account when planning my week. My dh is so incredibly supportive of how these activities suck all my energy that he always gives me an out when he has a work related event. I think...
This service is available in my area in Ontario, perhaps there is one like this or similar in yours? "http://www.mhsio.on.ca/DART/owalive/...ram=5008516723" I saw that you have called CAS before, perhaps it is time for another call? It sounds like her behaviour is escalating. CAS can provide her dds with many supports. It sounds like the girls need some. I think it is wonderful that you have been there for her dd. -Melanie
I am so sorry. -Melanie
Just don't underestimate the power of peer pressure. I always tell my sensitive ds to use me always as his excuse "My mom won't let me". It gives him/saves face when he knows it's something he does not want to see, but feels like he "should" because his friends want him there. -Melanie
Nope, you don't let her go if you know it will scare her. See if they are having pizza or whatnot after the party, if your dd can meet up with them after the movie. If not there are many ways to foster their friendship outside of this birthday party. My ds would be sad when I said no to scary movies that were not age-appropriate. I would explain to him that it was not good for him, he was able to make the connection early on the effect of a scary movie/tv show and...
One more voice encouraging you through this stage of childhood! Having 2 children, I too echo the statement that temperament places a big part! During that stage our quality of suppers dropped. Or we ate later when my dh came home from work and cooked. -Melanie
Do you have a Chapters book store near you? I was just at Chapters last night and in the gift section they had hourglasses. Some large ones too. -Melanie
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