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From reading your post, I do not believe that the problem is the little boy at all. He is modelling the behaviour he sees. Can you get your friend some resources for women's shelters, or the name of a good therapist that deals with domestic violence? -Melanie
I'm sorry your mother isn't the mom you need her to be. As for your ds crying in the restaurant, I think what you did was just fine. You knew that when the food came he would be fine. -Melanie
"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing." -- Phyllis Diller It can be soooo frustrating, I totally hear you! -Melanie
I have a different last name from my kids. We are still a family, everyone who is relevant to our lives know that we all belong together even with different last names. -Melanie
Good Karma! I definitely believe what goes around comes around! -Melanie
This Canadian just came back from visiting a friend in Portland. Love love love Oregon! -Melanie
Welcome to MDC! I don't really have any advice for you, but I couldn't read and not post. Perhaps you should crosspost in health and healing? Hope you can resolve this quickly! -Melanie
Sounds like it's time to cut them out completely, focus your time and energy on your immediate family. -Melanie
Ds is 11, dd is 5. She was a surprise and I really mourned the family I thought I would have (travelling, private school, lot's of lessons for ds). I was done done done with the baby stage. So, nope, not going to lie, it was hard. However there are so many beautiful things about our family that I have to say I wouldn't change it given the chance. I feel I have been able to give both my children individual attention that they would never have been able to have...
Quote: Originally Posted by beansmama Thank you so much for sharing this. THIS is the kind of person I could see myself becoming...and although it's better than the alternative (abusive), it's nowhere *anywhere* near ideal! Dh and I talked this weekend and decided to only drink once a month from now on. Neither of us want it to be a regular part of our lives....and when we do drink we want it to be "special"...not "just another day". Something we...
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