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Quote: Originally Posted by CarrieMF I'd wonder why they didn't get a wagon, they're easier & a better workout for the person pulling than a stroller.lol They can carry more stuff, easy to clean & you don't have to worry about weight restrictions. I find pulling a wagon hurts my shoulder and puts my pack out. I have a Chariot stroller that my 5.5 dd rides in. I can get groceries by her feet, behind the stroller and on top of the stroller. ...
from Hamilton area! Welcome to MDC, you will find that there are many wise women here to help you along on your journey! -Melanie
Sorry for your pain. -Melanie
Call child protective services. You are clearly doing all you can to give her a place to spend time away from that abuse, so that is wonderful. To me this is a situation that requires extra outside professional help. -Melanie
Have you thought about installing your own swing set? My dh didn't want to put one in, I finally convinced him and it is the most used piece of equipment we have for my 5 year old (we put it in 2 years ago). Even my ds (11) will sit and swing while hanging out with his friends. -Melanie
I strongly recommend Barbara Coloroso's book http://www.amazon.ca/Bully-Bullied-B.../dp/0006394205 I think that as a society, emotional evolution is needed, not going back to an archaic idea of the strongest will survive. -Melanie
The "hide" function on fb was made for such a situation!
As fun as it would be to reply, I wouldn't do that. The spammers will know that your email is an active email and will continue to spam. -Melanie
What about putting some kind of deterrent in that area? Vinegar? -Melanie
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