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Is there any reason you and the kids can't drive him to work once and awhile? We are a one car family, and I will drive the 15 miles to his work to have the car a couple times a month. Playdates usually happen at my house. -Melanie
Ok, I'll bite... What's that all about? -Melanie
I am sorry that you are paralyzed from moving forward. I won't presume to give you any advice because I think you are doing what you need to do by going for counselling. Your labelling yourself as a perfectionist speaks volumes. For me I learned that I needed to be "good enough", not perfect and that provided a lot of freedom. There is not one person in MDC or irl that have it all together. None, not one. Perhaps what you are hearing in people's posts who...
It is excellent that you are self-aware enough to know that what you are feeling is an issue for you and your dd. Therapy may feel like a scary thing to embark on, but what a gift it could be to you and your dd. I grew up with a mother who would make me feel bad for growing up. She would reminisce about how wonderful I was as a little girl, how those were the best days of her life. It made me feel like crap, I was never at a stage that she could enjoy. I felt...
Yes, if you have enough emotional energy you should definitely reach out to her. -Melanie
I wonder if you are suffering from the "spotlight" effect. Most of us do. http://forum.psychlinks.ca/shyness-a...ht-effect.html Are you asking people for their advice? I have learned to only ask people who truly love and care for me for advice only when I really need it. I first go to books or MDC to find answers and see if I can apply it to my life. If I am really stuck I ask a trusted person. -Melanie
Don't give up. Go to the sewing lessons! -Melanie
I yelled at an old man. BUT, he yelled at my ds and the little girl I babysit first. They were playing on the snow banks in front of his house and he came out and hollered at them. I wasn't there but the next time the kids walked by and the old guy must have been lying in wait for them, came out of his house and started yelling. I, in a very loud manner, told him to stop threatening my kids, if he has a problem with their behaviour he can talk to them kindly or...
Growing up in a very clean house was very anxiety inducing for me as a child. I used to feel that everything needed to be cleaned top to bottom as I was taught by my German (I think that's relevant ) mother. Now if the floor needs to be cleaned I move things over and sweep and wash without worrying about the rest. I strive to be good enough. -Melanie
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