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I heard years ago from the superintendent of schools in my region that you do not have to register your child full time. It can be half or a third or 3 quarters. He was telling this to a group of homeschooling parents who were going through the process of starting an alternative school within the public system (like an American charter school). My child is in SK now so it isn't an issue for my family, but if it was, I would definitely not be enrolling my dc in...
Maybe someone has already posted this, but for those who have problems with facebook and privacy...there is a terrific function, you block the offending person. They can't see you anywhere, you can't see them. -Melanie
Hi, I broke my tailbone as a child as well. I was very worried when I was pregnant. I had a 10 pound, 3 ounce ds at home (so no epidural!) with no extra pain from my tailbone. In fact after going through labour and childbirth I realized how much pain my tailbone had been giving me all those years as it was comparable to labour pains. So that's when I sought treatment from a chiropractor who has helped me manage the pain. When I had my dd (also at home) I did...
I saw this in new posts, and I just want to say that I used to always get discomfort when ovulating and then during my period. Until I read the pp I didn't make the connection that I haven't had that pain since I gave up coffee 6 months ago! OT: I was tempted to go get a coffee today, but reading this has renewed my resolve to stay off it! -Melanie
I vote Trike. We have both, but you can go more places with a trike. Any bumps on sidewalks and the plasma car doesn't work very well. I have gone all around town with little ones riding their trikes. -Melanie
Welcome to MDC! -Melanie
Quote: Originally Posted by Teensy I've been developing a thicker skin over the years, but some of the ideas shared in threads like this still make me want to burst out in tears. My oldest DS is at times a mean kid. He picks on other kids. He was expelled from preschool for aggressive behavior. He has many great qualities and can be very kind at times. But other times, he is indeed the mean kid. I can assure you I have talked with him over and...
Barbara Coloroso has a great book on Bullying.http://www.amazon.com/Bully-Bullied-...6928300&sr=1-3 In it she speaks of the VERY important role of the bystander. In my opinion, kids have a very defining role when someone is being bullied by just being a bystander. -Melanie
I went to therapy because of my mom. Helped tremendously. I learned what it meant to differentiate from my mother. That has made all the difference in my life and in my relationship with my mother and as a mother to my kids. -Melanie
from southern Ontario! -Melanie
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