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I've been taking pictures of texts between my ex and I and saving them to my computer. The pics show date/time and I think it may be better than typing them out. I haven't been to court yet though, so take it with a grain of salt
Like many others have said, I've never heard of this. We're in TX just outside of Austin and we have no registration fees. Everyone in the school gets free breakfast, you pay for lunch. Field trips cost between $4-7 (twice a year). Schol buses are free and we buy our own supplies- probably about $30.
If it were bigger and cheaper I'd consider it It's close to me too and now I want to do a drive-by also.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheBluebird Can't wait, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!!! Last couple of seasons, we go see the season premiere or finale at the Alamo theatre where we can drink & watch. It's really cool to see it with a big group that is excited too. I didn't know they did that! I have to round up some people Thanks for the info.
We don't have a chimney either. I just said it was magic when my son asked. He's only 4 though, so I imagine there will need to be a better/different explaination in the next year or 2. My mom just lives 20 min away, so I don't know about the travel thing. Santa doesn't wrap at my house either. I don't need extra wrapping duties
Most of my neighbors are Spanish speakers and I'm not, so I don't know them too well. I know Ethelyene across the street and Nacho next door but that's it. I wish I had taken Spanish instead of Japanese in HS and college. Japanese is not very useful in TX
I just like purple a lot. Although I have only used my purple lights at Halloween so far.
Hmmm. We have a little seat that goes on top of the regular toilet seat to make it smaller (did that make sense?) and it came with a splash guard at the front. It seems to work well for my 4yo ds.
I tried to take my son last year at 3 and we made it through about 5 minutes. But, all kids are different, and your daughter is interested in ballet and such. I'd do it. I'm tryiing again with my son this year too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Learning_Mum Don't know what it's made of, but I have a recipe to make your own if you'd like it! I'd like it! That sounds fun.
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