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we also experienced this in my 6 YO, and it did come right after eating some white fish.
I think jewelry is a lovely idea for a weaning gift if you do decide to go that route. My little boy just weaned this month and I was wishing he were into jewelry so I could give him a beautiful and enduring gift to honor that time in our lives. Instead he got a fur-real kitty.  Not super special . . . but it's what he chose.
Looks neat. are you still recruiting your 8 members? 
thanks! it was there on page 490. http://www.amazon.com/Medications-Mo...der_096362198X But didn't have any information on a very low dose. Regarding the effect on babies: I guess it's just coincidence that the baby slept more poorly yesterday, last night and today than he has in months.
I was at the naturopath again yesterday for my moods (grouchiness), and even though I don't have bi-polar, he gave me 20mg lithium to "elevate my mood". Of course I asked about breastfeeding but he said "it's such a small dose, I'm not concerned". He told me that people with bi-polar take 200 to 400 mg, and he's only giving me 20 mg. I've read the threads in here but haven't found anything about this low low dose. Otherwise it seems that lithium, especially for someone...
I have a significant dip in supply starting around 4 days before my period. I use herbs to keep up my supply through my entire period starting around 4 days before. Is it possible your LO isn't getting as much milk as usual?
Is my husband being faithful to me?
thank you!
nak was looking through archives for ideas to stop cough in croupy 3 yo and keep seeing SA recommended. anything else beside cool moist air and head elevation?
is it the fever they complain about, or is it the body aches? I have a mild fever in an almost 6 month old right now, and I'm giving him the teething stuff (boiron camilia). this seems to help him but we're running through a lot of the "medicine"
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