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I would put the kids in the tub and have a toy washing party. 
We just printed them from the computer word doc. with different font on regular paper. You could also use those foam letters with that silly putty type sticky tack stuff. I got a bucket of foam letters for $7 at Michaels Crafts and they have been useful for years.
We struggled with tracking too..so I know what you mean. It is a great feeling! Celebrate it in a special way!
I would want to try the pump before I put that kind of money down. I struggled with my supply with my first baby , but then had over supply with my second. I rented a Medela with the first and pumped around the clock. I had a reserve of frozen with my second baby and used 2 Avent hand pumps that cost $50 at Walgreens. I never worked more than 6 to 9 hours a shift 2-3 days a week with my second and I made sure to eat really well.
I am sorry to hear that things are so tough for you and your little guy. I would consider looking for someone to rent a room from instead of an apartment. There are lots of people struggling to make their house payments and I think it would probably feel homey compared to an apartment..esp if they have a yard for your ds to play. I don't think I would look for someone on craigslist because I just don't trust people these days , but I have seen lots of nanny positions...
I never thought to look for multiplication on you tube. Here is one that I came across a while back..maybe easier for little kids http://www.hunkinsexperiments.com/pa...iplication.htm
Thank You for your kind words. My 5 yr old Westie started having soft bowel movements yesterday a.m.. I checked throughout the day and didn't find anymore. This a.m I found a few diarrhea spots and I dug them up with the shovel and threw them in a garbage bag. I separated the pup inside the house and the other dogs are outside. I felt bad that they were outside so I put a crate and blanket on the patio. I also have continued to feed the chicken and rice to them in small...
I do the same as you girls do with our huge electric roaster and I sometimes put rub, lemon pepper, or marinade on it to cook. I will peel the skin off on my plate because I like to watch the juices roll of the meat before I bite into it. Our local butcher runs a sale once every few weeks on thighs for 39 cents a lb. I usually buy 2 ten lb. bags and roast and shred. If I am going to be gone most of the day I do crock pot. I do the same with a pork roast and shred and bag...
Rubbermaid tote with a tight snapping lid. Preferably one that is not see through.
Thank you for responding to my post. I have been feeling like a bad dogmom because there were 2 occasions we took the dogs out on leashes when I probably shouldn't have. They were a while back though and I figured that I probably exposed them then. Then I still felt guilty for the vaccine reaction. I was trying to find a way for her to get single vaccines instead of 5 or 7 in ones. I felt that maybe I ruined her immune system. Our other 2 older dogs are fully vax'd. I...
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