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Hi Jessica I haven't had an unassisted birth yet , but I am planing to have one as soon as this baby decides it wants to come out. My due date is Feb 8. I found a lot of encouragment from the homebirth thread, so you might want to try and post there. Sorry I couldn't give you an experience of my own. Veronica
Has anyone ever heard of collodial silver to treat GBS+? If so how would you use it as a vaginal wash or a just take it orally? Is it safe to take orally while pregnant. Thanks in advance for replies
I have just been told that I am GBS+. Has anyone out there heard of using Colloidal silver to clear this up? And if so would you use it as a vagainal wash instead of taking it orally? Would colloidal silver even be safe to take orally while pregnant. Any information is very helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Finally decided to post here. My name is Veronica. I am due Feb 12 2003 with baby #3. I am hoping to have my first hypnobirthing experience with this labor.
I know exactly how you feel "miggymama." I went through two pregnancy being hurt by peoples comments. It seem like everyone had something negative to say. I was so tired of everyone's comment that I would stay in the house as much as possible, to be away form people. I was so tired of crying my eyes out from a negative comment someone had said to me. I am now pregnant with # 3, and I am NOT putting up with those little comments not even a little bit! A lady I work with...
I know I still have to talk to my midwife about this but I was wondering did anyone take enemas while they were pregnant.? I am a vegan and I take an enema about twice a week. Two weeks ago I found out I am pregnant, due in Feb. Just wondering if the enema is still safe to take now. Thanks Veronica
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