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The brownie recipe sounds great!   Here's my super easy applesauce . . .   1.  Hubby washes, peels, cores and cuts up apples (usually Macs or Cortlands) 2.  Add a little water (more if I'm going to cook higher to get the applesauce done faster) 3.  Add a little salt - it seems to bring out the flavor 4.  A tiny pinch of ginger if I'm feeling adventurous (otherwise we all flavor our applesauce separately) 5.  Stir occasionally and make sure there's enough...
So here's what I found in a quick google search . . . and it doesn't look good. I'm so sad about my kale - wah. Kale is a hearty green plant similar to lettuce. When its tissue begins to turn yellow, it may be infected. Bacteria can get into the plant through the plant's water pores and turn the tissue yellow, according to the University of Minnestoa Extension website. Source: University of Minnesota Extension: Diseases of Cole Crops Kale, a close kin to...
We are kale newbies and I've only bought it a couple of other times. I bought some nice looking local, organic kale several days ago. It started turning yellow, so I put it in water (which I've done before to keep it longer) and it's continued to turn yellow. What's going on and more importantly is it still ok to eat? Thank you in advance! Samm
Given that you've seen meltdowns after computer time - sounds like a definite possibility the testing results are SPD related. Regarding meltdowns after computer time - DD's OT mentioned that these kids are getting stimulated in their peripheral vision by the computer - most of us don't notice/ react to this, some kids do and it really affects them. Samm
Quote: Originally Posted by joensally Ok, I received it Friday and have read it through. And her case studies all willingly went to their rooms to be alone and calm down. . A bit OT - but joensally, you made my night with this line! We are about ready to lose our minds here . . . so who addresses this part of emotional meltdowns???? Thanks, Samm
That is so great!
We use the Time Timer as an application on an ipod touch - which makes it portable. Samm
Nope - I have a visceral reaction to even thinking about putting an apron on Because my shirts attract olive oil like a magnet, I do have a couple of flannel shirts I wear instead Flannel shirts with shorts in the summer is quite the attractive outfit! Samm
Hugs - BTDT - just today - and it is soooo tiring. . . Hang in there beachbaby. Samm
Yay - congrats - you sound very happy! Enjoy!
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