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I was just diagnosed with this and am wondering if anyone here has it and knows of an effective, non-steroid treatment? I have it on my genitals...I know it can affect other parts of the body as well. Also, if you have it in one place, can it spread?? TIA
Thanks for the responses!! It's not for me- my sil and she has started using olive oil instead... I'll forward her the info!! I had also hear that coconut oil works as well. P
Just a quick question I'm hoping to get answered!! Sol just had baby girl and mom had a reaction to the lanolin. I was given the suggestion for her to use vitamin e, which she did and she healed well. The lc at her hosp told her the vitamin e can cause an overproduction of blood in the baby. Does anyone have any info about this that I could share with her? Shels now using olive oil as a substitute.
holy smokes - I wouldn't even dream of putting a child that big on my back or body for long walks! yikes! don't feel guilty about using a stroller....he's just getting bigger mama!
It sounds like he is ready for a big boy bed. Yes it may be a difficult transition, but it's dangerous for him to be in there if he can get out. my ds one day surprised us by jumping out of his crib and landed head first onthe ground! His bed was changed the next day...
That's very odd!!
We have a vintage aluminum table and it tarnishes quite easily. I just got done using the metal shiner (I know, bad!!) and I want it to stay nice and shiney. Is there something more natural I can use on a regular basis to keep the tarnish away?? TIA!
wow- I think that's a great idea! I wouldn't want anything big with dc's name on it because then a stranger could talk to them like they know them and make them more easily kidnapped, but I think having a phone number on them somehow it a great idea. i also don't mind the idea of the arm band that connects momma to kid...I used to be appallled, but now that I have a runner, I can see how some may need to use it to get some things done and keep dc safe!!
I'd go if I were you - he's old enough and it sounds like he enjoys other people so he should be fine!!!
I'm interested in making some body scrubs - both for myself and for gifts! What are you favorites? what kind of a shelf life do they have when you make them at home? Is salt or sugar better? TIA!
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