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My son was being watched by his grandfather in a public place, and Grandpa fell asleep. I went back to pick him up and saw it myself. I quietly decided never to ask him to watch him again. (Grandma was there too but had gone to the ladies room.)
My house took over a year to sell, I hear you on not wanting to do that!
When we found out we would lost a fortune filing separately, we made it work to file jointly. Most of it was done by email, very little contact required.   (It made so much of a difference to me, I would have made money even if I had to hire a lawyer to communicate with him.)
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This is AWESOME!!!!!   Wow, what a great thread!   Yes I believe you when he says he was jealous of your life. Makes sense, his upbringing probably wasn't much fun if he ended up being such a controlling and abusive person. But as you know, you can't fix him.   I recently met a nice man but he has this habit of telling me what to do that I find excruciatingly annoying and is a real turn off. (LIke saying at a social event, "you should __________") (Dance, play that...
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Our minds and hearts work in odd ways sometimes. It can take time to end something even when it's become really messed up. Your life will get better and better.
3. if you have an order of support and he ignores it, the govt. can take it out of his return check for you.
Here's what I've been told. This conflicts with some of the info above.   1. the one who "provides more support" (NOT more parenting time) gets the deduction 2. if one parent claims the kid and then the OTHER parent ALSO claims the kid, the return is flagged and everyone has to explain themselves.  
What is your method/story?   I have a complicated situation with the ex. I want to be savvy about taxes and other financial matters too complicated to go into.....it might be worth my while to hire a CPA for an hour or two. Then there's the fact that professionals sometimes contradict each other. For instance when we split up and sold the house, there was a particular question for taxes that different professionals answered differently.   How do you educate...
New Posts  All Forums: