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I think what you did is fine. You purchased the books, which makes them your property, to do with what you will. To me, what you did seems like a reasonable, thoughtful action. I take exception to those who advocate hiding or mutilating them while they are in the book store.
Quote: Originally Posted by wholewheatchick ...and hiding them in the bookstores; also a great idea. Really, it isn't. It doesn't accomplish anything in the long run, and is quite juvenile.
Without knowing him, it makes it tough. Some baseball themed items might work - a new batting glove, or some other sports items you could pick up at a sporting goods store (Quench gum and other knick knacks come to mind.) One of my standbys is a cool pair of sunglasses.
Quote: Originally Posted by MissinNYC I daresay it's damaging to men, as well. I don't think it's possible to consent to your own violation/exploitation. Just like it's not okay to be racist against your own racial group. If someone truly consents, are they really being violated or exploited?
Quote: Originally Posted by sisteeesmama What are the "very, very" different concepts at play here that I am missing? Start with permanent versus temporary.
Quote: Originally Posted by MissinNYC Of course, as would I. But do you not see them as different? When all is said and done, not really, no.
Quote: Originally Posted by MissinNYC Why? If sex is no more different/special/valued than any other activity or commodity, why would sexual slavery be worse than regular slavery or forced labor? You can't just decide sex is important when it's forced but not when it's not. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the poster would also be horrified by slavery. I know I am, be it sexual or otherwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by sisteeesmama Well, this is OT, but I find it hard to believe that you have never had your emotions damaged in some way, that you don't carry any baggage, but if not well hen good for you! You've made it thus far unscathed, that's pretty much a miracle IMO and you should be quite grateful! Having your "emotions damaged" and being "emotionally damaged" seem like two very, very different concepts to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by silkiemum Fatally flawed? That's a bit harsh! How about, "I disagree with you, because... I didn't say that, although it is true, because your argument is...fatally flawed. Quote: Yes, human trafficking is a crime--one which, especially in the former USSR and Asia is not even hindered by law enforcement--or, really, by societal convention. And if you don't think our North American society approves of...
Quote: Originally Posted by silkiemum This is kinda my point--you can't really "take advantage" of a system of discrimination such as a patriarchy, unless you are a patriarch/man. And I apologise if I offended any survivors of abuse, but I feel my point is still valid: if society as a whole has decided that women, children (and men/boys) can be sold to men for the fulfillment of their sexual desires, then no woman can truly choose to consent to...
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