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Yes, we have in a  request to do that. It ended up in a weird place.
There sure is - if you head to your name in the upper right hand corner, when you hover over it you will get a drop down menu. On that menu click on Preferences and it will take yoou to a screen to manage those. Scroll down until you get to this part: There you can change the notifications you get for any of the site functions, whether or not to subscribe to threads when you post to them, and in the drop down menu for frequency, you can set it to "site only" which...
Is this in the mobile browser?
We don't have an active one right now.  I know there is a writer's thread in the Working and Student Parents forum, but otherwise, we do not have a writing forum.     We don't really have a word limit on posts, if it is original work by you.  You might want to break things up for readability though. :)
I hate to be the bearer of bad news....sometimes you just get motion sick.  And there is nothing to be done about it.   I was like your daughter.  Every time we got in the car.  It eased up as I got older and taller and could see out the windows, but the fact is, I still, to this day cannot sit in the back seat of a car.  I also cannot ride on boats, planes can get dicey and trains are okay as long as I have my wrist bands on and have taken a dramamine....
If you have treated it several times and it has gone away and them come back, you might not be treating the right fungus.  Unfortuantely, anti-fungals can make it seem like it is getting better, but not actually have the oomph to kill the fungus if they aren't the right ones.  I would probably take him to the doctor, especially if it is spreading.
Yes.  He will.  Promise! :)   My daughter - who is now almost 8 - nursed to sleep every night until she was 3.75.  She night weaned - gently, under her own motivation - at 2.5.  She kept nursing during the day until she was a bit over three, dropped down to morning nursing and nursing to sleep, and then a bit before her 4th birthday she dropped it altogether.  And never looked back.    So yes, they will stop on their own. :)    My younger daughter will be 2 in...
The first cold is so terrifying.  Lots of love.   He should be fine.  If you are nursing he started getting antibodies as soon as you got sick, so it should be milder for him than for you. Coughing is good!  Moves the junk out of his lungs and airways.    Keep an eye on him and call your doctor if you are worried.  Colds last 7-10 days usually, so you kind of know when he will start feeling better.     I hope it passes quickly and he is none the worse for wear. :)
Neither of my daughters are old enough yet, but I grew about another inch after my period started - however, I was 15 when it started, and was already 5'7".  So, the lateness, combined with the height I already had most likely meant that I didn't have much left to grow.
Hi there.  It looks like you have already joined!  You have posted and have a user name.  Was there something specific you were trying to do?
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