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Thanks for confirming my suspicion that this is safe. We have a '05 Corolla, so a small car that will require small seats. We will likely get a mini van in a year or 2, once we have a bit more saved up to pay cash for it, but for now the Corolla is the main family car.
My DS has anaphylactic food allergies so we have to pack lunches any time we're out running errands or have activities around lunch ... 2-3 days/week. A good small lunch cooler and a couple ice packs keeps most foods good all day (and I live in the South where it gets quite hot in the summers). I pack yogurt (in a container from a larger container at home that I mix a bit of plain yogurt with a bit of jelly for sweetness), sandwiches, salads with tuna or chicken, cheese...
I'm expecting baby #3 in April and we're going to have our almost 4-year-old FF in a Radian, the new baby in a Coccoro, and our almost 7-year-old in a booster (haven't decided which one yet, likely a Turbobooster or a Parkway). I've read all sorts of issues with getting the booster buckled in a 3 across situation. Is there a problem with keeping the booster buckled and having my DS climb in to and out of the seat this way? If it's not safe, I'll obviously make it work...
We have a MyRide65 that has a narrow base, but I don't know if the upper part will be too wide to fit. We'll try it out before buying a new one. From what I've read a coccoro might be one we get if we need to buy a new one. DH is more than thrilled that we won't have to buy a new car (yet!).
Thank you! That is all very helpful. We know we needed to buy a new booster for my oldest, and the Radian he's in will go down to my middle child, and I'll see if one of our current seats fits for the newborn. Otherwise, a newborn seat and a booster are definitely cheaper than another vehicle ... which we plan on getting in another year or so, but we'd like more time to save cash for it.
Anyone know? I don't want to have to get a bigger car for when #3 is born, but if it isn't safe to fit 3 in the back of our Corolla (booster for almost 7YO, FF 4YO, and RF newborn) then we'll go ahead and get a van. But we really want to make our current car situation work if at all safe.
Specifically in a 3 across situation. Is simply being able to buckle all the seats in securely ok? Or does there need to be space between the base of the seats?
I came here today to post almost the exact same thing! I'm expecting #3, my 6-year-old is currently in a Radian (he'll be nearly 7 at the time I'm due), but I'm wondering if a booster would allow us to keep 3 accross in our Corolla, putting my 3-year-old (he'll be nearly 4 at the time I'm due) in the Radian and buying a slim seat for an infant (bucket or convertible). On thing about a Radian being RF is they take up a LOT of room and those sitting in the front would be...
When I was PG with my first I had a gush of blood at 10.5 weeks. I had never heard of a SCH, but that's what I had when I went to the ER. The result for me is my 6-year-old who is quite a vibrant kid! I didn't have any follow-up u/s, so I don't know when it resolved, but the placenta looked healthy at the birth. Prayers being sent your way, I understand the worry!
I've not heard about the smog and running while pregnant.  Most of my runs are outside of the downtown area of Chattanooga, but only by a couple miles, so I assume the air quality is similar to the city proper (but probably not as congested as Atlanta).  I'm fairly injury prone, and I've found I do better with running no more than 3 times per week and no more than 20 miles per week, and doing a lot of cross training, so even when I am at peak running fitness, I'm not...
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