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DS1 just turned 5 at the end of June and he also recently had a growth spurt.  He's not tall for his age, but I think his torso is long for his height and he's nearly outgrown the 5-point harness on the Radian XT that we have.  I don't want to take him out of the harness, but it's obviously not safe if he's too tall for it.  What Booster would be a good fit?  Or could he use the Radian as a booster?
I just had a no presents required party for my 2 and 5-year-old sons.  I had no idea that it would even remotely be thought of as being rude.  I wanted to invite family and a couple friends, some of them had to travel 2 hours for the party and don't have much extra money and even a cheap gift would have been a big deal.  I simply wanted an excuse to have a family gathering without the pressure of a gift on them.  Grandparents and aunts/uncles who were at the party had...
I was thinking of decorating DS's room when DS2 moves in to the room with him.  I was thinking an easy way to decorate was to use wall stickers like these:httphttp://mywonderfulwalls.com/wall-stickers.html#.  They come in all sorts of themes (transportation, jungle, farm, garden, etc.), but I have a feeling the cars/trains/trucks will be the winner for both my boys and it will be easy to change once they ougtrow it.
I discovered early on that the grandparents buy more than enough "stuff" for  the kids to open, so we've started doing experiences rather than gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.  Some favorites have been:   -Memberships to local attractions (zoo, aquarium, kid's museum, etc.) -A night out in a hotel in a nearby city (using DH's hotel points and doing all the free or cheap things we can find in that city - parks, splash fountains, etc.  The hotel front desk is...
My DS1 was evaluated about that age when he only said about 15 words, but yet he knew colors, all the letters, numbers, shapes, etc.  He was borderline, but not enough to start therapy because he was advanced in other areas.  Some advice that really helped him to speak more clearly and to communicate with more words was to stop predicting what he wanted and make him ask for it.  If you knew that a point and a grunt meant he wanted water, tell him to use his words.  At...
Way to go!  What a great time, especially for your first half.  I get knee pain when I need a visit with a chiropractor.  It sounds like the lack of running you did the last couple weeks prior to the race may have helped you to taper. 
I also suggest the 30 Day Shred.  It's intense, but gets results (especially in the stomach and bum areas), and is short.  I never lose weight while I'm on it, but I always tone up and notice a difference after just a few days (without changing my diet). 
Sounds like we have the same ILs!!  I'm a very minimalist type and my MIL has the mentality that "more is better."  We have done the toy rotation and we still have too many to keep.  I feel bad about getting rid of so many toys she has given us, but we simply don't have room for them all.  DH and I stopped buying the kids stuff for gifts and instead we do experiences, but there's still too much.  I just set aside 2 HUGE boxes of toys to give away.  If neither child asks...
How old are your pants?  I've noticed a HUGE change in the last 5 years or so (ever since I had my first baby).  I'm down 2 pant sizes without changing measurements or weight.  I don't care if my pants are a size 0 or a size 20 as long as they fit right.    DH has noticed a change in men's clothing too ... he's a fairly average build and 5'8" and he wears a small.  Sometimes the small size is too big!  What do small guys wear?   
I always have PB&J on rice cake or toast before a long run.  For a half I need 2 pieces about 30-45 inutes before the race.  I usually bring it with me and eat it while I'm waiting for the start of the race, along with some water.  That usually gets me through, with some gels during the race. 
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