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I researched this pretty heavily when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. For my disorder, Hep B is linked (which I received as an adult) as a workplace requirement. I agree with pp though, I believe that some vax inserts state GBS specifically. But, I'm not sure about the blanket "autoimmune disorder".
http://www.emaxhealth.com/2/90/33945...nza-cases.html http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,558402,00.html
Did you breastfeed your children. Breastfeeding can protect against HiB for years after you are done as long as you BF. The longer you breastfed the longer the protection lasts into childhood. Really? I bf all of them 2yrs, ds3 is only 6mo though. How much protection does this offer him? I'll look for that link...
So, I'm reading all over the place that HiB has been listed as the official cause of death of several people who have contracted H1N1. How real is this? My boys are unvaxed. But, if the percentage is high, maybe it's worth getting to protect them (somewhat)? I just don't know... Has anyone else read this? What do you think?
Quote: Originally Posted by mom61508 I see a master herbalist which I highly recommend....love it! She makes the tinctures for me Yes you can get them online but it's great to have an herbalist make you something specific to your needs then there's no worries about contraidications I know, but I don't have one near me anymore. The one I used to use is next to impossible to reach these days...
thanks everyone! Now, where do you get your tinctures from??
I am breastfeeding and suffering from terrible insomnia over the last several weeks. I've considered melatonin and/or motherwort, but I'm not sure is these are contraindicated. Is there a book or online source that I can refer to?
Well, personally, I think the risk is similar (daycare vs preschool.) I have a home daycare and my own children (who are non-vaxed) have been fine. Sure, 1 got rotavirus and it was a rough week for him (my 2yo, my 5yo never had any symptoms). We lived through it. Both my kiddos are going/have gone to preschool. I guess I hadn't really thought about excluding them from anything.
I would get her a book. We have a little girl in our neighborhood that's been very interested as well. (She's convinced 2 boys to show off their parts.) Problem is, her parents will not show her any books that can give her information about the differences between boys/girls. I like "It's not the Stork" Maybe your dd is feeling a little embarrassed and therefore is bucking authority. (My ds has a tendency to do that with other things, so I'm sure it would hold true...
Maybe you could take them on a bike ride around the block? 2yo in wagon or stroller, big kids on bikes. Our older boys (6yo and 3yo) want to be outside all the time. But, they enjoy it WAY more when the neighbor kids are out too. FWIW, I think it's great that you are encouraging them to be active outside. Oh, what about a nature walk? Do you have the book "The Listening Walk") Great book! Our kids LOVE to dig in the dirt (to find worms, bugs, play with...
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