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I wanted to give a heads up in case anyone wanted to check it out. Over 150 TeachersPayTeachers stores are giving away one of the priced products (valued between $3-$8) today only for Teacher Appreciation Week. These are mostly printables and pdf. I wrote a blog post with links here. If you find a really good goodie please post and let everyone know! It's a lot of clicks to see them all, I'm only about a dozen in so far. :)
Quite welcome! Enjoy!
After spending a lot of time surfing the web I pulled together some great, free resources to use with my youngest this year. I wrote up a blog post and wanted to share in hopes my effort can benefit someone else. :)
I made some printables for my youngest and wanted to share. It is a Math center game for money posted on my blog. These would be good for PreK-K and maybe 1st. It is basically printables for playing shop, but with some extras, a money reference chart, addition mat, money sorting mat, and a couple others. She really had fun with this.  
You're welcome! They really are nice posters and interesting material in the packets. I have two other posters that are smaller and glossy, both very nice, bright, colorful.
I posted details on my blog about getting free teaching materials, including colorful, full size posters from The Mineral Information Institute, mii.org. I included a pic of one of the posters I received, a big, bright periodic table I pinned above my desk. The materials are interesting and well worth ordering!
Your link didn't work for me? :)
One thing we incorporated into our days years ago ~ At dinner we all share 'our favorite part of the day'. This is a very sweet and fun moment for all of us, and it really has helped me get to know the kids and their individual preferences better. They tell me clearly, in their own words just what happens in our days that is memorable, enjoyable, and important to them. I was actually thinking last night that I wanted to share this idea on my blog. We get so much out of...
Thanks elizawill :). I think there's quite a few of us mothering homeschool mamas who visit TWTM. I think most people opted for a different username though (I did), so I don't know who's who over there.
I'm at misstatejones. I just started mine a few days ago as well, so not a whole lot of content yet. I did post a couple freebies for schooling I've made. My kids are dd 4, ds10, and dd 12. I really love the preschool stage and dd 4 loves doing activities, so likely I'll be posting about that quite a bit in the future. Thanks to everyone for sharing links. I'll be checking them all out!
New Posts  All Forums: