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Yeah, I probably shouldn't have, because I just placed a big order recently, but the excuse was too good! Besides there were a few items I was pining over, wishing I had added to my order the first time. So at least now I can say we are set for all next school year. :) I've forbidden myself any more school shopping.
For those you like to order from Rainbow Resource, from now until Dec. 16th they are having free shipping if you order $25! :)
I came on to check too! I do much more reading than posting as well. :)
That would be wonderful, thanks! :) I've searched for threads on The Well Trained Mind forum and have just begun to read through. I really like the samples on the IEW site as well. I just ordered a beginning outlining book for my oldest dd last week and it should be here Monday. I think she actually has a lot of creative potential for writing and I'd like to help her along.
MLW, is Story Grammar an ebook? Is it pdf and printable? It looks very interesting! :) Also is the Story Grammar a stand alone or do the two books you mentioned work together? Thanks! :)
Yeah, it didn't really seem out of place, I guess, just a bit more than I was expecting and a bit much for me, lol. I think the same thing could have been achieved by a slow, meaningful kiss, but I'm sure pp is right that a 17 year old boy would've been devastated by that image of his girl and best bud, which is what the horcrux was meant to do.
Not sure if you're only interested in modern languages, but I highly recommend Songschool Latin for young kids. It's fun and it primes their minds for other languages. A lot of English words are derived from Latin words. The same company makes Spanish for Children, but I'm not sure of the target audience age. I ordered it for my dd, who is a bit older. I haven't received it yet or I'd give you a review. I like the Songschool Latin though, because it begins to introduce...
Yeah, I agree the snogging naked looking part was a bit overboard.
MLW, she's a beautiful, healthy looking little angel! :) What a blessing!
Yeah he was in disguise in the book during the wedding. I'm pretty sure there was more use of polyjuice and the invisibility cloak in the book, but I understand why it was left out of the movie.
New Posts  All Forums: