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My understanding of this is the body will mount an immune response to a part of a bacteria or virus or a 'dead' bacteria or virus and will potentially recognize the intact or live bacteria or virus similarities, if exposed to it, and mount an immune response appropriately and quickly because it will already recognize the foreign invader as such. Sorry I'm not very good at explaining things!
I think I am going to poke around a bit in my list of doctors just in case one might fit us better. Its frustrating though because I know receptionists and doctors are not always up front and honest over the phone and I can't have a visit covered by insurance unless I switch PCP's before a visit. So this is potentially a big pita. spero I didn't sign it and won't and I'll check out those links as I find time, thanks. As for chiropractors, whats up with that? I keep...
lol. I love that little but wagging smilie.
Probably not. Does your state have other exemptions? Religious or philosophical? Either would be easier. Homeschooling is an option too.
So, I'm new to issues that come up in regards to health care and declining vaccines. Honestly I'm feeling disgusted right now. After reading about children being dismissed from practices, refused surgery, denied immediate care in ERs so the doctor can berate the parent over vaccination status. I have my own personal issues with the health care model anyway, not related to vaccines, from past experiences. What does everyone else do? How big of an issue has finding quality...
Honestly I would stop trying. Sounds too frustrating. Have you tried just letting him stay up and hang out until he just goes out on his own? I wouldn't want to do the driving thing either. Don't know if it will be helpful at all but my 6 mo dd will fall asleep while I vacuum and hold her when she's really tired and starting to crank a bit but won't relax and nurse to sleep.
Quote: Originally Posted by HisBeautifulWife I laid it out for him and he's open minded but he said "ok, but what happens if they end up getting the disease and dying." That's a fair question, and I have an answer in my head but I don't know how to say it. I would grieve for my child's passing. Seriously? Ask him what happens if he insists on vaccinations and your child has a life threatening allergic reaction, seizures, or even dies? I don't...
I'm happy more people are educating before they vaccinate. I wish I would have with my first two kiddos. Its always heartening when pregnant moms and moms with tiny ones post with questions. I was just reserving What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations from my library and was pleasantly surprised to be number 21 in line for the book. :
The Parent's Concise Guide To Childhood Vaccinations by Lauren Feder Has anyone read this book? Is it any good?
Hi, I'm not near you, but just wanted to say you might want to check out the finding your tribe forum too.
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