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MDC's stance is that circumcision is not up for debate, and they don't host religious arguments for it either.   If people want to debate that, that's cool, but go over there to do it. Personally I don't think it's the same thing, and I don't see the point of bringing it up here other than to stir the pot maybe.
I agree that certain threads should be able to be marked support only. But I think they should be the exception, not the rule - that is, marked that way, and if it's not marked that way, then it's open.   If there is a culture of no personal attacks (and moderation to back it up) then this will serve everyone the best. Are we looking for a safe place to just go "yeah that!" or are we looking for the truth?
I think we should do away with the subforums altogether. Vaccinations, come one, come all. No personal attacks. But debate? Game on.
If "This study has limited sample size" etc. is not considered debate, then I'd be happy as long as different input can be added.   Honestly, I don't care about feelings ("I feel" statements). We can be respectful without everything being generated from our groove. There's nothing disrespectful about saying "This study has limited sample size" and then someone else saying "The study that is said to contradict this one has an even smaller sample size."   I don't...
Will PM you since it's off topic. It has nothing to do with MDC at all.   At least this is who I think Mosiac is referring to. But I think it's a safe bet...  
  I wonder how he would fit in here
But what will another mod do? If people can't cool it and stay on point then all the threads will be messes, over-moderated, disjointed, or *poof* and nobody's gained anything except possibly a temporary good time arguing. We could have 300 moderators in here hovering over every post but is that what everybody really wants?
I wish I knew more about this but I recall from reading TCOYF that this is not actually a period every 2 weeks, but a period and then spotting (or maybe it would be called "breakthrough bleeding" - possibly ovulation-related?). Just adding that tidbit to help you focus your research - I can't say whether the spotting is common and no big deal or if it is something you'd want to look into more.
Personally, I don't care which "side" is "guiltier" of "what" or which "side" has been "wronged" more.   The people of a forum make up its culture. New people come in all the time and the culture can be affected but a strong community culture will keep a forum going the way the members want.   So it's up to us. What's the purpose of the forum? How do we want to conduct ourselves? How will we model the way we approach this subject, and are we willing to use our...
I think working through these feelings are in fact achieving your ends.
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