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So I'm guessing you're living on student loans right now.   How much longer till you are done?   And how hefty are these loans? How much extra are you getting to live on?   I don't know what I'd do yet but it's important to be careful with the loans. You don't want to graduate saddled with a ton of loans that will weigh you down.   Is there on-campus daycare? How much? Can you just drop off for a class and pay by the hour?   How easy or difficult is...
There's an "insert image" button (2nd to the left of the paperclip). If you can't, NBD, but it seems like it would be fun to see.
I'm interested. Post it.
Holy damn, I haven't been able to muster enough of anything to post to this thread, but now we're throwing around Janeway and DS9!!!! (Kirk can take a long walk).   But. No. I'm sorry. I'm not seeing the parallels. MDC is not Kirk, it doesn't kick enough ass.   It's not DS9, not interesting enough, the story doesn't continually unfold.   Maybe it IS Janeway though. By the book.   Yeah. I'm sold. MDC is Captain Janeway.
I like budgets so I sent you a PM.
The total effect of Mother's Day around here is "crap! I forgot to get cards for mom/MIL!"   Coincidentally, DH is this very moment purchasing mother's day cards for our mothers. I should send flowers or some whatever but I am too grinchy.   No I don't have anything against Mother's Day, I guess I just don't have the holiday spirit. And we just don't have the disposable income that some people have to go out to eat, or buy stuff, or get a mani/pedi, or go to the...
Also, are you receiving counseling services?   If not, you might call your hospital, or social services center, and see what is available. I am thinking there is a person or organization in your area that can help you navigate these very questions that you are facing, both from practical and emotional standpoints.
I am incredibly sorry for your loss.   I don't know anything about anything, but my first thought was for you to call your university and see what can be done so you can grieve right now. I am assuming it's close to the end of the semester. Will your professors let you just take exams? Do your grades matter that much if you pass? If it were earlier in the semester I'd think about dropping but I'd hate for you to be set back a whole semester if it's not necessary. I'm...
  It depends on the state. In some states, the debt in his name alone can stay in his name alone.
That's an interesting thought about calorie-dense foods.   I was thinking along the lines of the risks of small children eating vegetation around them when playing outside. Since many plants are poisonous and young children do not have the capability of making distinctions between poisonous foods and edible foods, nature may have made small children naturally avoid greens.   Of course, if that theory is true, it should wear off when they are older. Say, around...
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