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I am 19 weeks and *just* starting to feel some movements. It's not very often though, which makes me nervous - although I'm sure that by the end I'll be praying for them to just STOP kicking me!
I have done that before, but this one is different, it seems to be more on the outside? It doesn't want to move at all, in any case. I think I'll waddle over to the pharmacy and buy everything they have in the sore butt department.
I have a hemmorrhoid! It woke me up at 3 am! Ouch!   I've had them before, but they've been internal. This one is external and I don't know what to do. Please tell me this won't last the whole pregnancy.    I've started taking Restoralax (like Miralax) every morning, I hope it helps. This sucks.
Ah... is this why everything DH says is super annoying right now?
I've been finding that I have to put my feet on my squattypotty stool and push a little bit to pee. Usually it's a much more relaxed experience, but now I feel like I have to force it. Also the full bladder feeling is different than usual, more of a dull achy feeling.
tracyamber - I'm taking Diclectin AND Zofran. This has stopped the puking but I still feel queasy off and on, and I get indigestion in the evenings. At the beginning I was trying all of that stuff, but then at 9 weeks it got so bad I couldn't even keep water down, so I got drugs. I wake up STARVING at night and have to get up and eat cheerios or cottage cheese with fruit. For a few weeks it was every two hours, but now it's usually once per night around 2 am.   But, I do...
Are we the only two? Yes, we are opposites for sure - this is my first time so I have no idea what to expect.    @delightedbutterfly - can you please put me on the list? I was nervous about getting on it too soon before, and now I'm nervous about NOT being on it. Pregnancy makes me superstitious. 
Sourire - I'm 17 weeks today! I've had terrible morning sickness and of course I'm tired all the time. It's a good thing I'm only working two days a week (and even then I'm only managing 4-5 hours before going home.) Next ultrasound is April 28th, maybe we'll find out if they're boys or girls. I keep changing my mind about wanting to know.
Just poking my head in... will come back later.
I get an aching feeling in my gums/teeth that is actually referred pain from sinus pressure. Usually hot facecloths pressed against my forehead/upper cheeks help with that. I don't think it's common though. My tooth nerves seem to be wired wrong. ;-)
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