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ISO Size 4 Storch Leo.  Not specific on color, please pm me!  Thank you.  :D
Wow!  I will be praying for you and your little one.  I was a 2.5# premie 35y ago... they can do amazing things.  Blessings!
Oh I want one!  CUTE!!
The pain, recently took a bit of a hike and I have to force myself to breathe and let DD nurse... owie.  Still just colostrum and she says a lot of it... but ow. We're almost 26w... I wish I knew someone in person who tandem nursed through pg so I could ask if that was normal.  Anyone know?
That's so sweet.  
The most hysterical thing has happened... as colostrum has come in, full force (from nothing left, literally), my DD is pooping 3x/d instead of once.  DH is NOT amused.  ;)  I didn't connect the two for a few days, but it's clearly connected.  Ha!   So we've got colostrum, fo sho.  I'm 23w tomorrow.  Will it seriously stay this way through the rest of pg?   Crazy... This is the longest I've been able to keep anyone nursing while pg and DD is so happy with all the...
  Still nursing our regular tiny amount.  I'm 20.5w, she's 3y+...  
I want in!  Just don't want to joint the yahoo.  :)
Do I have to join the yahoo?  Can I do it if I don't?  :)
Well I don't have the coordinating hat photo'd yet, but here's some pants...    I have a lot of things in the works... but for done done done, there's one. ;)
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