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I am so sorry, I know ear infections are really difficult - I have just been through this with my son. My older child is the healthiest kid - she is 4 and has really never been sick or had an ear infection. I was surprised when my baby developed an ear infection at 10 months as I was doing the same things that I did for my daughter. He was still nursing, I don't smoke, he is not in daycare, etc... Luckily we see some holistic minded pediatricians who encouraged us to...
for all of your replies. I am trying to have comfort in knowing that I have tried everything. Maatmama - how was the surgery? Did your son do okay? Did you? Is it really just 10 or 15 minutes? Were you with him when he was put under? They told me that I can be if I want and I am not sure what to do. Of course I want to be there but the ENT said it is harder for some parents. He said that they will have to hold my son down while they place the mask on his face and...
Our pediatrician recommends "Ear" and "Inflamation" tablets (two separate bottles) by BHI. We have had success using these to treat my son's ear infections (although we are battling recurrent ear infections). They are in a white bottle and I have seen them at the Health Food stores here. Let me know if you need more information. Good luck, ear infections are not fun.
My son is scheduled to get ear tubes on Friday, I am scared to death. Has anyone else been through this? This is really a last resort for us. He is 17 months old and has had 6 ear infections since January. We see a very progressive pediactrician who is also a homeopath. We use homeopathics and garlic oil to treat the infections (we only used antibiotics once - when the infection was still present after 7 days and my son was miserable) and they have been sucessful. ...
This is a great thread! I have just started to exercise for the first time in my life. I have to say that I love it. I do 35 minutes of cardio 4 times a week followed by weights. I am addicted to the elliptical machine, I could stay on it forever. I have been working out for abou 5 weeks now and I am starting to see resuls. Plus, I feel great!
My son has frequent ear infections and we use garlic oil in his ears and then put in a cotton ball. Our pediatrician said that it was fine to put it in the ear. We use Willow-Garlic oil by herbs for kids and I think it is supposed to help with pain and infection.
I am in the midst of giving my 10 month old four different remedies and here is what I just learned. Our doctor said that it is really important that my baby not eat or drink anything (including breastmilk or water) 10 - 15 minutes before or after the remedies as they would not be as effective. He said that if I was not comfortable giving the pellet then I should crush it bttween two spoons (they are very soft) and place the powder in my baby's mouth. I tried this but...
I have been looking for kids with Chicken Pox, but have not been able to find any!
Does anyone have a recipie for a wonderful smelling holiday potpouri? I am looking for something that I can make and package as gifts. Thanks for any suggestions.
Does anyone have a recipie for simmering potpouri? I would love to make some and package it for holiday gifts. We got some last year and I cannot remember what it included (I think cimnnamon, cloves bay leaf, etc.) It was wonderful and made our house smell so nice!
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