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Thats a hard question to answer. I tried all the free ones before I ever bought one and ended up buying a Very Baby then drafting my own eventually. My favorite FREE pattern if you're wanting to use velcro or snaps was the Mama Bird or Ottobre. If you're wanting a one size super easy and cute fitted diaper pattern, my fave was this one. http://www.geocities.com/myfreediaperpattern/
Quote: Originally Posted by Justthatgirl Thanks for the info! So far so good. Some are bigger than others (diff sz sweaters), so we have some room to grow. The 2 I have that are too small are going to a friend in Houston. I didn't get to cut up that fleece jacket. DH spotted it. It's his size so I went ahead and let him have it. And now I tease him for stealing the pants off his own baby. Yep i hear ya. I bought a HUGE coat one time with...
Quote: Originally Posted by twilight girl uumomma, hope you don't mind me jumping on your coattails .... Does the sweater have to be 100% wool? What is the minimum percentage of wool that will work? DH hit the thrift store in the states, and brought back some wool blends. One is mostly wool and angora with something else added. The other is a wool/something blend. Will these work for sweaterpant longies? They don't have to be 100%...
Quote: Originally Posted by Justthatgirl I made little sweater-pants! http://picasaweb.google.com/Carriebe...ongiesAndStuff I'm SO happy with how easy this was! I'm going to attempt to make diaper covers w/ the body of the sweater. I'm going to try to felt it and see what happens. I *really* hope I don't shrink it because that would sort of suck. OTOH, at least I can find more wool sweaters at the thrift store. One of the sweaters I found was made...
Quote: Originally Posted by Justthatgirl Yeah, that was a bummer. But at least I know what the tags should say. Sorry mama's those pics are long since gone. I posted them way back in 2005. If you've ever felt the "pul" that you buy online 1 mil and 2 mil, this is not what it will feel like on a coat or a jacket. It will be much thicker and may be more or less shiney. Also, the pul you get online is only laminated on one side, the coats with...
Quote: Originally Posted by sewingmomma Let me know i cant see the tp yet... I'm ready to spend alot on fabric!! You cna email to at chriswahm@cox.net I pm'd ya another link to try .
Have some diaper making fabrics for sell on the TP mama's. If you can't view the TP yet, let mek now and i'll let you know what I've got. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=481800 Hope its ok to post that here.
I have some hemp jersey for sell I could let it go for $5.00 / yard plus shipping, have about 3 + yards. I get mine from allnaturalfabrics coop.
Ummmm, I say no... wouldn't even give it a thought, let alone a 2nd though!
The Singer Serger is famous for breaking needles, the lady at walmart told me so! And..they break cuz they hit the loopers. My advice, take it back to walmart, tell them it was a gift but doesn't work, they wont ask how old it is, trust me they wont.... get your giftcard spend your money on something else and NEVER buy singer again... specially the new Singers, they stink.
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