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Hi all I had a BMI of 42 pre-pregnancy but in the 12 months before falling pregnant I'd lost 21kgs and changed my eating habits significantly. When I had my first midwife appt she said the collaborating OB (I'm birthing through a publicly-funded homebirth program, which works in conjunction with the local birthing hospy) might be concerned about my BMI and would want me to do extra GD testing but I refused and it's been no big deal at all I haven't been strictly...
Hi all, I'm new here We aren't finding out the sex but we've both had strong "boy" vibes right from the start. We had a 20-week ultrasound and my partner said he thinks he could see what it was... he won't say what he thinks it is but I am 99% sure (based on just my intuition and his reaction to the u/s) that it's a boy.
I'm so sorry I can't imagine what you're going through, such a heart-wrenching and difficult decision Much love to you xxx
My daughter's name is Vallerie So I highly recommend that one, I think it's beautiful. Another girl's name I like is Vienna. Vallerie often gets called Veronica by people she's just met, who know her name starts with a V but can't remember it exactly LOL. Here's some I like with those letters in them: girls Zali (Zah-lee) Zalia (Zay-lee-uh) Zadora Zipporah (although I think in the bible this was a guy's name... I like it for a girl, love the nickname "Zippy"...
My boy is 4 and has never had a full cup of cow's milk (or any other kind of milk). He has a splash on his cereal, and has plenty of dairy products in cooking, plus he will eat a mountain of cheese if I let him LOL but he doesn't like yogurt or milk. He still breastfeeds at least twice a day.
I just recently watched "Burn After Reading" which I found smile-worthy and snort/giggle-worthy at times. I was expecting another Lebowski or Oh Brother, so was slightly disappointed - but it is a funny movie, just not LOL-funny. Good luck and congrats on your new baby
Another home remedy is to have a paper bag underneath the shirt, against the chest. I don't know how this works, but it worked for my terribly-carsick sister when she was small.
Spontaneity. And sleeping in.
Nearly 31 months old and breastfeeding at least 3 times a day. But he goes to daycare one day a week and is fine there without his "bitty", and if I offer him water in the night instead of a feed, he'll drink the water and go back to sleep. But he loves his "bitty" and I can't see our breastfeeding relationship ending in the near future. I'm anticipating to be still breastfeeding him in a year, and plan on doing child-led weaning. I suppose I'm doing a soft version...
I wouldn't bother with the 6 month checkup - not worth the stress. You're doing a great job!!
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