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I've been called to jury duty twice...both time have been within a month of delivering a baby. Since I also breastfeed I was excused. It really worried me though, the thought of leaving my baby...surly my boobs would have exploded lol.
My 5 yr old does maybe 30 minutes of school a day. We just started "school" about 8 weeks ago and He is already reading long vowel words! I think less is more when it comes to teaching the younger kids. At 3 and 4 we didnt do any formal lessons. My kids do a lot of hands on play. Bath tub letters and those little foam letters in the craft section at hobby lobby work wonders lol. Playing outside in the dirt and jumping on the trampoline, sidewalk chalk, etc. Caiden also...
Nope not mastitis...I feel fine really. The only tenderness if from that spot on my nipple that I think was a milk blister.
In the early days my nipples cracked at that wasnt nearly as much blood as this is. Macy is 9 months old and ebf still. This is also my 4th baby to nurse and I have never bled before...well besides in the beginning when we were getting our latch right.
I've had what I think is a milk blister for a few months now. My nipple hasnt healed and has been swollen and tender...today I had to pump because I was too full. I then freaked out....what came out was bloody milk. It looks exactly like tomato soup. With each pump of my breast pump I could see that duct was just pouring out blood. Any ideas as to what this could be? I'm really worried. I'll make an appointment to see my doc Monday....but what should be done in the mean...
My ds was diagnosed ADD, and the dr said he was the worst case he had seen in 10 years...yeah whatever. He also was very upset over my decision to not medicate my ds. He actually raised his voice at me...he was mad. I pulled my ds out of 1st grade and you know what....he's not ADD afterall. He's gifted and he was just bored in the classroom setting.
I add a little vinegar to my wipes solution. It keeps the yeasties away.
I dont know but check out pinstripes and polkadots. They have a lot of info
I'd complain too!
Thanks for the great idea!
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