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How many more do you want to do? : How does my relationship look for the next year?
Cute! It looks like straight single crochets to me. I have no idea what would be the easiest way to construct - make it flat and wrap around or crochet a tube and slide it on.
It's possible you aren't pulling up the yarn to make the stitches long enough. I also read something recently that if your spi are off, change hook size but if your row gauge is off, change your yarn size. If you are using worsted, you might benefit from using a bulky weight and readjusting the hook size to get the spi. However, a lot of garments are measures in inches (continue in pattern until the back measures 12 inches, etc.). If this is the case, it won't matter if...
Don't they show the names of the hospitals and doctors? What we should do is compile a list of these names and send them breastfeeding information because they clearly need to be educated. Conversely, we should get the names of the doctors who are breastfeeding advocates and thank them. TLC won't care about a nurse-in. Half the commercials shown during those baby shows are formula commercials and besides, they don't control the people in the show or write scripts. They...
I'm closer to my mom now than I was when I was younger. I also spent a lot of time in my bedroom so I didn't have to talk to her (my father was in the military and until I was 16, he wasn't a huge part of my life) and I know she was depressed on occasion; she is possibly even bi-polar because even now, she'll act unpredictably. I found out when I was an adult that even though she spanked me occasionally and used other disciplinary tactics I would NEVER use on my daughters,...
I had WIC with my first daughter (Florida - I'm not comfortable sharing the city here but if you really, really want to know and promise not to make it public, I can be compelled) and I was told a bunch of benefits - having had gestational diabetes it was better for me to nurse my baby, lowers chance of breast cancer, less sick baby, more weight loss for me. But, no, I was not told the opposite, what not nursing my baby could do. They were very positive about...
I would call and raise all kinds of hell. That's disgusting, unsanitary and so beyond unprofessional. ETA: Since you know about the pee, I would go and get the recycling out and put it a bag so the recycling personnel don't unexpectedly put their hands on it.
2545 Posts and 57 threads started. That's also about 2%.
All three are very pretty. I like that third pattern.
When my oldest was born (induced at 41 weeks, born 42 hours later after an incredibly difficult labor), I told everyone the dates must have been wrong because not only was she small, but I felt like she should have been born in July instead of June. I envisioned her to be a 4th of July baby but that would have put her nearly three weeks past her due date and for a birth as medicalized as that one, GD included, that wasn't going to happen.
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