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Quote: Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate As do I of course. But I always ask the next questions as well: WHY now?? Why me? Why did I forget to turn that off? Etc. I don't know if this is what you mean, but I see your answer as a cop-out. I understand when random things happen, like if your brand new electric wiring in a brand new house malfunctioned and burned the house down, you might ask "why me." But forgetting to turn off the stove and...
I thought I did but as I read the replies in this thread, I realize I really don't. I do think there aren't explanations for some things, but the majority of our life involves making choices. Consequences, whether good or bad, come from these choices. Things happen while we are making these choices and just because we take too long or choose a certain way, I don't believe the universe is guiding us. Like I said, though, I do think some things happen randomly and I do...
I would blog the technique. I believe techniques and stitches can not be copyrighted and I've never heard of it so coming across it in someone's blog would be helpful.
I believe you only get one response when anyone answers, no matter how many, until you log on the board again. I haven't gotten one in a bit, but I seem to remember at the end of the e-mail it says there may be more replies but you have to visit MDC to see them. If you are logged on and two or three come, you'll get all those notifications.
That helps a lot. Especially the trick about clipping the curves. I noticed I could stretch the short piece to fit but clipping makes more sense. I'm going to practice.
She is really cute!
I'm terrible at sewing sleeves. Plain, at the shoulder sleeves. I freely admit that I only use patterns that are either sleeveless, gathered slightly at the top of the sleeve for a little puff or made with an elastic neckline because the sleeves are sewn on straight and then pulled up by the elastic. However, I'm working on the girls' mermaid costumes (making the body part out of off-white flannel to keep them warm) and I had to make four sleeves. I pinned them in about 47...
All your stuff is cute but I really like that banana with removable peel!
27 to go!
I hit a traffic cone a couple weeks ago and the mirror on the passenger side got smashed. The case was intact, just the mirror fell out. I'm in Canada and bought it at Canadian Tire, which is an all-purpose automotive/household goods/sporting/hunting store. They asked me if I needed the frame to clip into the case or just the mirror. You should be able to just find the mirror at an auto parts store, or at least be able to get it ordered. Mine was just a kind of flimsy...
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