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I like it. I had heard of hyperbolic crochet before but not in relation to coral.
Go knit right now!
Hilarious. I love that guy's songs.
I also made a goal of two years and my little one is 27 months old now. I think I've moved into the "child led weaning" category.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty The reason that I would make the exception for religious beliefs would not be for the dead person, but for the living left behind. My 'religion' does not dictate that I need a body when I die. It is returned to ashes and dust as it began. However, there are religions that dictate a complete body, either specifically or in a round about way. I would not donate organs from someone that had it against their...
So......it's perfectly fine to object to and overrule someone's personal convictions as long as it doesn't have to do with religion? What if it's a religion we disagree with? Can we go against their wishes if we think their religion is stupid? How religious do they have to be? Saying "as long as they have religious reasons" makes no moral sense. I am an organ donor as is my husband. Until they are old enough to decide for themselves, my children are organ donors, too....
Quote: Originally Posted by kamilla626 Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if re-enactments are primarily an American phenomenon, or do people do them in other countries/cultures? We live in Canada and my husband's cousin does medieval re-enactments that sometimes include battles.
I would go. I like car rides and my kids don't hate being in there, either, so it wouldn't be a terrible trip for us. I also love the beach!
No. Never.
I'm usually a "follow the moral road" kind of person but I must say in this situation, I wouldn't pay him a dime anymore. If he'd like to go to court over it, fine by me but I'd let him chase the money.
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