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Quote: Originally Posted by OldFashionedGirl One more thing--not entirely related. I just did a search on here on flat nipples--my specific problem--and found nothing. I just looked up "flat" and this is what I found: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...archid=5999227. I didn't look through the threads but I did see one that was titled "help with flat nipples" or something like that.
Those are cute! I'm supposed to crochet food for Christmas presents this year.
I am AnyOtherName. I got in yesterday! I'm a bit intimidated, though and don't have time to browse, yet.
Here is a chart of caloric and fat content of common baby foods. Breastmilk beats out everything except avocado. Also, here is the breastfed baby chart (if the doctor is using a FF fed baby growth chart, the results will be unfavorable because FF babies tend to grow steady while BF babies grow rapidly for the first six months and then slow down more than FF babies). I'd check the growth chart first and go from there. Really, if he's not sick or dehydrated, miserable,...
I think it's different. It would be insulting if they said, "you look so much better than you used to look." But just saying "you look great" I don't think is a comparison. Congrats on your weight loss! (and I don't mean too bad you weren't losing weight three years ago )
I think the OP has really gone about the whole thing wrong (sorry, OP!) because it's coming off as formula support but if I'm correct in what I've been reading, she's trying to say that her issue is with the whole "breastfeeding is easy, natural (interpretation - every woman and baby gets it right away)" when in reality it may not be for every woman and baby. Things can be really difficult for some women and that's why a good percentage of women are convinced they had a...
I was having this dilemma a few weeks ago except in reverse. I was trying to come up with any excuse to not let my daughter dress like a princess. If she had been a boy, I would have encouraged it. So, that little golfer outfit is cute although I wouldn't call it a typical boy's costume since there are women golfers. My daughters were Spiderman and the Green Goblin last year. (and I conceded; they will both be princesses this year)
I don't know if you will develop a permanent crack but I don't have cracks and can't shoot straight. It always shoots several streams all over the place. And no two shootings are the same. I never imagined I'd know this information, much less share it. ETA: And I'm glad to hear it's going more smoothly for you
If I recall correctly, we live in the same town. I can see what you mean.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I don't think anyone outside the marriage should have any say (even theoretical) about when divorce is appropriate. If one member of the marriage feels that it's appropriate and they have spent some time on it (either talking with each other or some sort of therapist) then that's when it needs to be explored. : I never assume I know the details of a particular relationship. I know several "Jekyl and Hyde"...
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