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How much did he weigh at birth? I know you said you've read Kellymom, but did you see this information? Here is average weight gain. It says 5-7 ounces a week is average but 4 is acceptable. According to this growth chart your baby is in the 10th percentile for his age. Nursing all the time is not unusual. My second did this for about four months and then started settling into a more predictable pattern. Also, at three months old, your son is either at a growth...
I had one diaper that I couldn't get the stink out of and I was afraid would keep causing rashes. I was advised to boil it and it worked. I used the spaghetti pot, filled it, let it boil and I kind of pressed the diaper around with a spoon.
I don't like the taste of much alcohol, either. I do get questioned for not drinking beer or wine when every other adult is doing it but I fail to see the purpose of drinking if one doesn't like the taste.
Paint stores, hardware stores, tool shops, mechanics, car washes, car dealers. My husband uses all these places for his car fixing/adorning needs.
I reported it. The last couple were taken down by e-bay.
Awwwwww! How cute. Willow is a beautiful name, too.
Wow! You signed up on July 25, 2007 You are #20498 on the list. 6643 people are ahead of you in line. 13043 people are behind you in line. 40% of the list has been invited so far That's all that's left before me! Ultconsumer, I believe they are inviting about 1200 people each week so you will have approximately 17 weeks to go . However, they are supposed to open the site to the public at some point so it may be not so long for you.
I saw this article on yahoo this morning. Lefties are making a come back!
Quote: Originally Posted by hklinefelter22 Disclaimer: I don't even answer the phone when I'm driving and ds is in the car, I was alone on the way home from work. But were you alone on the road? Statements like your irk me because perhaps you didn't endanger YOUR children but next time, you might want to extend that courtesy to the rest of us. I'm glad you got a warning and hope there won't be a next time to get a ticket.
No. It was presumptuous of her to tell you she used you as a reference and she sounds immature and irresponsible. Perhaps to lighten the blow, though, you can say something along the lines of "we haven't used her for long-term care so I can't vouch for her skills and professionalism in that aspect."
New Posts  All Forums: