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My husband's mother has yet to spell our oldest's name correctly. She has spelled it differently every single time she writes it. We also have several relatives that call our youngest Hannah but her name is Anna. They are French so perhaps I'm misunderstanding their pronounciation, but it sounds like Hannah. My grandmother misspelled my name on a birthday check once when I was about 10. I was indignant about it but she thought it was funny so every year after until she...
I find it sad that the majority of these humiliations are brought on by adult teachers! I have one to add. I was a library helper in the fourth grade and on the holiday library helper party day, we had a surprise subsititute. I gave her the invitation that said I should be at the library at a certain time and then I watched the clock; I was so excited. Anyway, the time came for me to leave so I approached the desk and got out "I have to go..." but she interrupted me and...
I'm very sorry. He sounds like a wonderful husband and father.
I've never had problems NIP (although I'm not in Toronto) but I can see where some businesses could make that the "loophole" for refusing service to mothers who are NIP in an "incorrect" manner. Bad, bad idea.
You can hang things on it and make different holiday streamers. If you celebrate Christmas with a tree, you can use it as garland. Coil some of it up and glue it to make doll rugs or blankets. You can play games like how long of a chain does it take to go around your waist or stretch across your bedroom.
I recommend the Children's Place, too. My oldest was having wedgie problems because in other undies fours were too small and sixes were too big. The Children's Place have a 5/6 that fit well.
I think you are nitpicking towards others' kids somewhat but as long as your kids don't mind, I wouldn't call it nitpcking them. My daughter will huff and puff and moan and groan when it comes to getting her hair brushed but she will do it. It's not something I would get into a serious fight over, though. I do wet it a bit in the mornings to get the "crazy bed head" out. However, I'm all thumbs when it comes to ponytails and she hates them because I have to redo them a...
Pants are cute and I love that bag. I've been wanting to try it and I'm glad I have your "make it longer" tip.
When she was three, she wanted to be DeeDee Doodle of the Doodlebops and she has pink hair. I bought a colored gel and combed it through. It did take a few days of shampooing to wear off but it wasn't terrible. I would have dyed it with something temporary if I had found some.
Well, now, being the mother of a lefty, I'm curious. Will you please post some links? I had one ultrasound on her (and her sister, who is right handed, had two) and have never heard a connection or a connection to learning disabilities. I have heard plenty of geniuses are left-handed.
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