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I nurse on demand so if it means more often, I nurse more often. Truthfully, I haven't noticed any kind of dip in supply but my daughter's "demands" are pretty much different every day.
I'm not familiar with the products from knit picks so sorry if this doesn't apply to you. I want to try dyeing my own yarn so I'd buy some white wool. I also want to try spinning so I'd look into a drop spindle and roving.
www.anniesattic.com has video tutorials. I've never used them so I don't know if the links work.
This is the cat that barfed on the chair? Maybe she is depressed because of the holidays. Perhaps a bit of catnip in the stocking will cheer her right up.
I think your husband is being a bit unreasonable. Unless he doesn't want his mother to have dinner with you guys. Otherwise, I thought he'd be grateful YOU didn't push for dinner to be on the 25th, thereby excluding his family. It's a head scratcher. As far as Aunt Flo (HA!), my grandmother-in-law is also not comfortable driving in the dark but we all know this and figure out who's going to pick her up and drop her off. She appreciates it and we like having her and...
Hurray! My four year old still refuses to eat anything mixed. I separate her out a little portion of everything that's going into the casserole or whatever. I can't wait until she finally realizes that she's eating what we're eating just in a different way.
I read the author and illustrator. Or the person a collection of stories is compiled by or "retold."
Other than helping her financially, are you close? I'd tell her straight up that she needs to take care of her kids and herself better. Offer to help plan a budget, plan meals, clip coupons, find shortcuts to save money but she kind of needs to grow up.
Sorry - I didn't read the rest of your question. I don't know your location, but I do believe Joann's has size 30 thread. Otherwise, you can use a couple strands of sewing thread. If you change colors gradually, it makes awesome shading.
I'm kind of torn. On one hand, your husband was there. On the other hand, your child was NOT getting his comfort needs met and it lasted for an hour. I vote it's CIO.
New Posts  All Forums: