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DD1 (5) has been prone to yeast infections (vaginal) since birth (which I've blamed on the 4 doses of penicillin we were given in labor). We've tried topical creams, which seem to help the symptoms subside, but she's still very prone to them (and often is just a little bit ... smelly). I've mentioned it to her pediatrician several times & he just brushes it off. I'm not sure where to go from there.
I loved the West Suburban Midwives, but you're right, the hospital post-partum experience (in 2007 at least) was ridiculous. I'm in the same boat as you (except I'm due in December).
I'm due with #3 in December. #1 is 5 and #2 is 3. We have 2 queen sized beds attached to one another, and most mornings both girls come in with us by 3-4 am. After I had #2 and was nursing in bed, #1 would REQUIRE that I have an arm around her (so I had some amazing contortions to keep everyone happy). She's still very demanding that way; won't accept if #2 is between us, and wants to be "actively" cuddled (my arm around her, her head on part of me). I'm fine with...
Have had a few bouts of "I'm hungry ... no wait, that smells bad, no I'm not hungry" followed 30 minutes later by, "I'm STARVING FEED ME NOW! WHOLE COW? SURE! BRING IT ON! No wait, no, I'm not hungry, never mind." :roll:
Sitting at 5 weeks now, going through my closet for my bigger pants or things with drawstrings. With #2, I broke out maternity clothes around 8wks much to my chagrin.
I'm completely with you. I've been a mess the past 2 weeks since finding out (had a BFP at 9dpo which seems great but just adds another week to the torture!). Starting to feel early sx now (fatigue & ishy belly) which seems reassuring but also - it being #3 - just reminds me of how long the next 50 days are going to be. YES, I do have a countdown-to-2nd-trimester widget on my mac.
We were told that DD1 & 2 were "flukes" and we weren't supposed to be able to get pregnant on our own. :roll: So when we decided to TTC#3 5 weeks ago, we assume we would be long-haul not-preventing ... what a shocker to be successful the first month!
Name: Danica EDD: December 6th Age: 34 Location: Illinois Family (partner, other children, etc): SAHD DH Doug, DD1 Cora (5), DD2 Marlowe (3) Gender preferences/inklings: We've gotten so used to saying "the girls" ... not sure how our dynamic would change with a boy, but don't care. Just peeved as heck that I'll be hearing, "still trying for a boy, eh?" comments. Names you like: Last time, we argued on names until month 8, and never agreed on a boy's...
OMG, I have a huge HUGE problem with the Disney princesses and all of the princes/Diva marketing of little girls. Big problem for me, with two very socially involved (@ school) little girls. We call them "fancy dress ladies". DDs (3 & 5) still call them princesses, but I maintain that princesses aren't special unless they're smart too ... *sigh* Back on topic, though, we won't put marketing on their beds or walls (except for the Dora sheets from Gramma before I could...
Girls here, but the exact same thing. We call it "fiddle-faddling" and say that it's perfectly fine, but it's something we get to do when we have privacy, not in public (including the dinner table etc. etc.). Didn't stop them from doing it with gusto until about age 2.
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