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Not me but my brother: He was 18, had dated his girlfriend for 4yrs, she was 17. They were caught having sex in his car by a police officer. My brother was terrified he was going to be arrested, and while being questioned the officer handed my brother his card, and at that moment, my brother vomited on the officers extended hand & shoes.
I tell no one. I just don't know how to answer the "why?" question in a concise bundled up manner. Such a complex question, and by the second sentence in - I can see their eyes glazing over. Its not worth it, its none of their business, I didn't do it for them or their acknowledgment. I'm constantly on the line between privacy & advocacy.
DS1 had maybe 2-3 forehead bruises in his life. He's always had fantastic balance. DS2 is always covered, COVERED in bruises/scrapes. Total klutz. (Having a rough and tumble older brother doesn't help either.)
I read it at 15. I had devoured many other wwII books & visited the holocaust museum in DC, and still couldn't wrap my head around it. So I read it. And suffice to say, I still can't wrap my head around it. I'd encourage any personal interest.
holy crap.
I had a big baby, with a big head. (15in) I'm fairly petite, and my body absolutely expanded for that baby. Though I've lost the majority of the weight, my hips are much wider now. Walking in the last 6wks was miserable, as the relaxin overtook my ligaments and my pelvis clicked with every step. It took me two weeks of on-off (lovely & tolerable, really) labor to birth my baby. Him & I both just needed lots and lots of TIME. You can do it. Be patient. Don't doubt...
Maybe a slight prolapse.
DS1 (4) dislikes clothing - and one evening after a long particular struggle to get him to put pants on (when he was 2-3 or so,) DH said 'I'm sick of seeing your a**hole, put on pants.' So for the last year, after DS1 finishes using the bathroom, he says "Wipe my a**hole please". Charming.
Like other PPs, I think mommy sounds whiney. I also dislike Daddy. (The boys use 'Papa') I think they just sound infantile and cutesy. [Mommy & Daddy that is.]
3.5 year old wants to be either a 'ninja' or a 'pirate'.
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