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Crud.  And Dr. Sandercock is totally cool with no vax, bed sharing, home birthing, extended breastfeeding.  All that jazz.
To add, Dr. Gildner will use a fetoscope if you ask.  He only kinda pushes for an u/s.  As in he offered each time and let me know the offer was already there but didn't harass me about it.
I live in Springfield.  I had my last planned unassisted but can most likely find you a midwife.  It works like this.  I send along your contact info into a private group.  Midwife (midwives?) contact you.  It's all hush hush, which is bullshit, but I can't help that.  I've been helping out like this for almost 2 year and can honestly say I don't know for a fact that I know a single midwife.     Dr. Gildner is good as far as OBs go.  He knew I was planning a home...
I just liked Mothering and Gaia Herbs of Facebook!
replying to enter the gaiakids gift basket :)
My oldest did this same thing until about age 3 1/2.  She was usually okay in the am after a few minutes, but day time naps were horrible - both planned and accidental falling sleep in the car.  She would literally cry for over an hour sometimes - it was worse around 20 to 28 months.  We just had to follow her lead - hold her if she wasn't pushing us away and sitting close to her if she pushed us away.  Knowing that other kids did this same thing helped us cope. ...
Never mind.  My co-worker joked that if we couldn't find it she would just eat snickerdoodles.  Wait?  Snickerdoodles don't contain turmeric.  They have cream of tarter.  Mystery solved.  Sorry guys!   Sheri
Hello all. I'm asking here for a co-worker.  I know I've seen a thread before, but I can't seem to find my way to it through searching here or using google :(  Can anyone help me/us out?  It was a preparation using tumeric to decrease blood pressure during pregnancy.  I think her elevation is situational but she did have HELP syndrome with her last pregnancy and is trying to buy some time and hopes to not be risked out for a VBAC attempt.   Thanks so much!!   Sheri
Hello all.  I've come across a natural way to reduce blood pressure during pregnancy here before.  I know it involved tumeric.  I can't seem to search my way to it here or using google.  Can anyone help?  Thanks so very much.   Sheri
I want to thank everybody for their very helpful responses. I'm going to ask for everything in writing. Additionally I spoke to my best friend whose brother happens to be a lawyer and who LOVES cases like this - you know, anything that is a personal attack against someone's beliefs. So at least I have a back-up plan. Plus calling in the lawyer card won't be a total bluff! As a side note, the supervisor of the nurse at my daughter's school DID say that I could just...
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